Monday, July 28, 2008

This was not the second lesson. This was the way I decided to go lol. This is the famos Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) from one of the EZ books. It is made like nothing you have ever made. There are just two seams to sew together and they are at the shoulder. The jacket is all made in one piece. I think it is the most adorable thing I have seen yet and it will grace the body of one of my dolls no doubt. I will just have to make a special fairy or troll or whatever. I have also learned to knit the continental way. So now I knit with both hands. I did use the both the book and the dvd to make this jacket.
Oh, I ordered some more doll patterns last night lol. I want to try the celluclay/fabric mask. You make a mold of the face out of super sculpty, bake it (I think) then you cast your mask off of that with the celluclay and then you cover the mask with fabric...and another doll is born. I want to make an ugly doll, like the ones they sell on ebay hahahahahahaha
So long for now, need to check my order and make sure I ordered the correct stuff, it was kinda late.....

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Just a quick note. I did a quick page on MSN for my quilts as I have lost the earthlink page. The link is listed on the right on this page, under links.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The knitting fever has struck again lol. I am now having classes with EZ at home from her dvd's.

Last night I did the first project and knitted into the wee hours of the morning, 4 am to be exact lol.

I went to bed got up at noon and started the hat again and finished at 5 pm, all the while watching the dvd's of all the other classes. The color knitting was easy....

Side view of the hat and the true color.
Worn pulled down low.
A little higher.

The back of the hat. Neat isn't it?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I had one of my painting fits and just had to paint a skein of cotten "Bernat Yarn". I am dyeing to dye yarn but don't relish the thought of boiling, steaming or microing it after. There has to be a better way. So anyway, off I went outside in the blazing sun with my acrylics , mixed with fabric medium and did my thing. Here it is all tied up in sections and washed and damp.

All painted up.. BTW, that table consists of wooden planks on two horses. Those blanks have been soaking up paint now for quite a while. They are a bit of art all by themselves lol.

Drying on the line. It looks like A calypso. Hmm I wonder what I will make out of it. It's a huge skein.

Here it is, all dried by baking in the sun and drying in the dryer. I used DecoArt acrylics mostly and their fabric medium, as you can see the colors are very bright as they have good pigment. I try to use up all my oldest paints or almost empty nothing goes to waste. Painting yarn or fabric for quilting or art, is a good way. One just needs to remember, when using acrylics, to paint fabric or yarn, to add fabric medium to retain softness. Once washed and dried, the color is there to stay and you have something unique and orginal to work with.

I will wash it in a couple of days and then decide what to do with it. I kinda like painting yarn.'s has so much control. Now I have all those tubs of fabric dye powder, that I have never opened. I need to sell them on ebay.