Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A continuation of yesterday...lets see if I can upload the jewels today...

These are the painted wooden beads I tried to upload yesterday. It seems that blogger will only let you upload so many? I don't know. I was going to enter this in yesterday's blog but it wouldn't do it. It did it in a new blog tho hmmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ok, lets see if blogger will behave today and upload my goes...this is one of the demonstration canvases of one side of the box.

Wow it worked! and I wasted so much time thinking it was my pc. So anyway this is a continuation of yersterday's post. These are the big samples I use to paint for my students, while they painted on their sewing boxes. This is half of the cover on canvas.
Here is another side. These are such happy paintings.

The other side of the cover. I love the bright colors....

Here is the box with the little drawer open..cute eh?

This was just to entertain you while I painted beads you see? And here are some of the beads. First I base coat, then I glaze tints on and then I add fun stuff. Oh they are on skewers and I use them as mandrels as I turn them to put stuff on.

Here are some of the jewels with stuff on. I am still playing. Ok blogger is at it again, so I'll have to wait until later or tomorrow... I just tried to upload the jewels and it was a "no cigar" again. So I got myself a big piece of cadbury chocolate (an no no) about 4 plugs and ate them with relish and returned...still no cigar...oh well at least I enjoyed the chocolate, shame on me hahahhahahahaha....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I’m baaack ahhahah. I promised. I have put the jewelry making to the side for now. You know how it is? Once you sell some, you loose interest not!!!! Lol. Well anyway, I feel to paint some wooden beads (island talk). So while my wet palette is soaking, I will entertain you with some pics.
I am mainly a folk artist. I love the whimsy and simplicity of it. I paint in acrylics. At the moment I’m using. “Traditions” by DecoArt. It is a lovely paint; it paints like buttaa (butter). And you know anything like buttaa, is always good lol. The wet palette keeps the paint moist and the brush you see in the bottle has a retarder and flow medium to help the paint stay open and manageable. Even though this paint needs very little help, I still like to use the mediums for translucency and applying more tints and etc. Ok, I admit it, I like to piddle around.

Here you see the beads in all shapes with a red dye on them. That’s how I bought them a million years ago. I have three buckets of them in green, red, white, blue and god knows what else but they are all sorted hahahaha. I usually wash and dry them and some of the dye comes off and they are ready to paint. Also I like to put out some of my painted objects from other projects to see what colors I used that I liked. Here you see some butterflies that go with a white wooden old world Santa. Wow the bead kinda look like cherries don't they?

Here is a close -up of one of the butterflies. See how you can actually make the acrylic paint work like an oil? I love acrylics. I do everything in acrylics, even a canvas.

Oh now the beads look like tomatoes hahahahha. Here are some pic painted on canvas that I found when I was pulling out my wet palette etc. These are from a seminar I taught years ago. It was painting on a decorative sewing box that was specially made for this session. Normally when I teach, I paint a larger picture on canvas so everyone cah see the fine detail of what's on the smaller item. Here are some of the sides of the box. One day I will frame them and hang them in one of the rooms. Oh the credit for this lovely design is "Margaret Weiking". A folk artist designer and this design came from one of her five books. Her books are no longer available. Ok blogger is playing tricks again. I shall return.

Is anyone having problems uploading pics today? I have a feeling that I'm wasting a lot of time trying to fix my pc when all the time it must be blogger? I'll just finish this later.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Greetings faithful readers. I have been so busy making jewelry and posting pics to the website..go check out the belizean folder and don't forget to go to page 2. I shall return, promise hahahaha... Also I have priced everything. The code is Mq and the price is right after. For example: Mq16. ..means $16.00....Mq140. means $140.00 and so on. The Belizean folder has my beginning customer realtions price lol. When those beads are done those prices will be obsolete. All prices will have a shipping charge and that will be just what I pay...priority mail.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Our Happy Anniversary and I forgot as usual hahahhahaha. Well today makes 35 wonderful years of being married to my John. I always forget and he knows that. He gets a big kick out of it and I think he thinks himself lucky because this chic is too busy to make a big deal out of it hahhahahaha.....anyway, I will enjoy the rest of the day doing what I love and you all know that is crafting.....

Please visit my msn webpage to view more jewelry. It is so much easier to upload them to one album. If you have any question about anything just email me. I also have instructions for doing some quilting on certain quilts.

Friday, June 02, 2006

I am ready to sell some of my treasures so I'll make this blog to list them in and try to put it on my sidebar as "stuff for sale". Here is a new bracelet called, " Topaz Tea". The beads are 12mm Czech fired glass topaz color, 8mm snow cone cubes, copper glass beads, antique gold bali beads and a large lopster claw, strung on accu-flex with two large copper crimps to finish. The price is $12.00 + shipping (exactly what I pay). This price is temporary. I price it according to the deal I can get and pass it on to you. The prices will always reflect the savings I can get so some price might change more or less, who knows lol....there will be 5 at this price.

I got a terrific buy on cane beads. I was at the right place at the right time. Here is a refreshing summer bracelet of designer cane beads in round, cube and rondelles with a large art glass bead (18mm I think) and small crystals and a large spring clasp...The price is $13.50 + shipping. There will be about 10 of these.

This bracelet is called crystal delight. It has 30 ....18mm swarovski AB crystals, button style. I can't seem to take a proper picture of it as it picks up what ever color is near and the light reflects everything. This is one gorgeous bracelet. At 140.00 it's a steal. There is only one for now.

another pic..