Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Faries, I made the forest fairy last night and then went right on into the Christmas fairy and started another one but looked at the clock lol. Here is the Christmas fairy #1. She is 9 inches tall with her toes pointed and 8 inches tall with her feet turned up. Her head is one of my painted wooden beads. She is totally wired to pose. On her head she has a bee-hive out of wool yarn, but that will change lol. I had to cover the wire loop.

Here is the Forest Fairy #1. She is the same dimentions as above. Her head is all cloth, painted with fabric paint. She is a soft wire, so she is limited in the posing department....I like my faries or dolls a bit on the solid side. I do like the skinny ones but I always tend to fatten them up a bit. This pattern is still in the testing stages. I am working on the third test now and will post her tomorrow or tonight.

I also like to put all sorts of fabic to gether to create one of a kind.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Still haven't lost the craze to make dolls. Here is a cute Flower Fairy I made on Thanksgiving day. I always do what I want on holidays, that's why I cook the day before lol.

Here is the back view.

Side view. I made her dress and underwear out of my painted fabric. Then I took a silk rose apart and glued the petals on her dress. I used the bigger leaves for her wings. Then I put glitter on the petals, shoes and wings. The face is painted with acrylic. The arms and legs are wired.
This doll is 33 inches tall and is made out of cotten canvas, she is going to get painted. She is called the Penny doll, a pattern by Claire Pruitt. Body by Fisher lol. I enjoyed making her. I still have to sculpt her face etc. Here she is sitting. Isn't she grand?

Another view of her back side, notice the high heels lol.

Another view of the front, I prefer bigger boobs lol.

Remember this little Pumpking Spirit Doll that I made for a group challenge? Well she won a 25.00 gift certificate which was promptly spent on more doll patterns.
I am catching up on my posts. Like three days worth lol. Here is another doll challenge from my other doll group. I belong to four. They are great fun and great inspiration. The pattern was given to us and we did whatever we wanted with it. Here is a front view. She is a small doll. I gave her fancy eyelash yarn for hair, purple felt shoes.

Here is a back view.

The craze is still going on is a cute couple that I made for my group challenge. I make the cat out of muslin and then painted on some hair. I painted two wood beads for her eyes, made her a red heart, jumpsuit and a green collar, tied fancy ribblon around her hands and feet. The face is slightly sculpted.

The mouse is an old McCalls pattern, very articulated. She is made out of mole suede and craft velour and her tail and arms are wired. I didn't want to hide that cute body, so I made her a pinafore. She is whispering a secret to the cat...probably where the cheese is.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have started on some Christmas stuff and finally finished this tall folk art Santa. I had the coat made years ago, tiny log cabin blocks sewed together for the coat. The Santa is a stump doll

For some reason the flash on the camera made the cheeks blotchy, they are not. Here is my guy in his gown and icelantic wool yarn hair. His face and hands are made out of craft velor and he is 22 ins. tall.

His body is made out of a sample of home decorating fabric which I love to work with. Here is a front view with his coat on.

Here is a back view with his hood on.

I still have to make his crazy quilt toy bag. which will be empty lol.