Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treat Everyone? Well it's been a while since I've visited my blog. I have been so busy with my ebay stuff. I thought I'd cook a witches brew and post it for halloween and keep in touch so you wont' thing I got lost or anything. I have had the painting bug bite me real hard lately and pretty soon you will be seeing some stuff, promise. I might even show technique as I'm painting along...just don't give up on me yet.

Anyway, here is the witches brew. Here is an 8 pound roasting hen all cut up, seasoned and browned real nice. Add tons of onions and garlic. Then I strain this recardo (seasoning) and keep adding water to the recardo and straining it and adding the liquid to the chicken in the pot. I simmer it for one hour...then cut up a very large tomaoe and add that and cook another 30 minutes. It is still cooking right now. I will have to taste it to make sure it is ready as I have not cooked this dish since the last witches convention some 15 years ago ahahhahahaha....I will then make my homemade tortillas to go with it and yum yum...oh the dish is called, "Renello Negro"..."Black Dinner" so fitting for halloween hahahaha

The Black Dinner whooooooooooo

This is the seasoning. It comes from Yucatan.