Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here is Victoria, all dressed except for her shoes. I used a Pasely fine cord and pulled two color from it for her bow and piping.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am working on a new doll. The name of the pattern is Victoria by G.P. Jones.

It was a dreary raining day today and I didn't even notice it go by as I was happily doing my dolly. Here is Victoria in her underwear.

Victoria is about 12 inches tall. Her hair is done with pen and ink and color washes (DecoAmerican Fabric Paints). Her face is painted with the same fabric paint line. Here she is in her chemise top.

Her chemise is suppose to be two pieces but she insisted that I make it in one piece and so I did. I didn't feel like arguing.

Here is a close - up of her face. I did the outline of the hair and scratched in some hair and while it was curing, I did the face then went back and did the two color washes and shaded with Burn Sienna.

I will try to work on her lovely clothing and bonnet and shoes tomorrow. It will probably take all day.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I thought I'd get a jump on Easter and make my Rabbit doll now. This doll has been in the making for the past 10 years lol. It started with MaryJane asking me to make her the Rabbit doll so I made two but only finished hers. Here she is naked.

Here she is all dress in her crow dress, wool jacket and lace collar and red bow. The tiny bunny in her lap is a Kate Erbach design, he is adorable.

Her name is Blanch and she is 42 inches tall.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

This doll is another challenge with my Yahoo Group. The doll is an Antique pattern inspired by a doll call the Presbytarian doll. One of the members made a pattern from her orginal doll and shared it with us. Here she is in her underwear.

I signed the back . Her hair and face are painted with DecoArt fabric paint. This is a very simple rag body. I had to sew a seam accross the neck to take out the crease that it formed. I stuck to the pattern except for adding a butt and changing the hands a bit.

Here she is in her dress. The pattern for the dress came with the doll, real cute old fashioned dress.

Here she is with her bonnet on.

And a close up. I really like this doll.