Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Colorful Quilt Block C

Back to block C. I finished that section except for the tiny star. Here are some parts of it. The left goes to the bottom with the border included with the star. Then the top snake is pp.

Here is the placement with the paper still on so you can see how it goes. It is sewed from the left and stops at the number on the pattern and the rest just stays there for the next step.

Each block comes with an extra map and show you exactly where you are and a black line shows where the placements is.

Here is is sewed together with the concave always on top of the convex. The markings are matched up and pinned. I wanted to show you, "The purple Thang". I am sure you know about it. It is so helpful to push the top layer as you sew and it keeps it together, it is a great tool.

Close-up of how it looks when the parts are sewed on.

The bottom star is attached. This is the reverse side. I left the paper on the rest of the snake so I can mark the next piece and match them up. The instruction has number by number so you can't go wrong. I only remove the paper on the part that I am sewing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have that extra map to work on.

Here I put it on the right side so you can see the real colors and how it looks so far. Now I am going to work on the rest of that section.

Here are the other two part that go to the right at the bottom. As usual the parts are pp and put together with the plain blocks. To the left is part of the background and two half rings  and then the half pie shape.

Here they are sewed together as one piece and now will be added to the rest on map.

Now it's back on the reverse side so I can use the map correctly. See the piece hanging? That stays just like that until another section is ready.

Ok, I put it on the right side of the fabric so you can see how it looks. The hole in the center is where the little star will go. I will do that today and will finish section C. I already have a head start on Block D, so that should go quicker but what's the hurry.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Colorful Quit Block D

I skipped the C block because I need to colorize the D block which I consider the center of attention. It is the largest star and I wanted it to be hot like Mars so I put lots of red, orange and yellow and little Teal to cool it some. I didn't finish it, I just wanted the main middle part done. The red ring is where it joins the  yellow with spikes,  that is part of A block. Here you see the right side of it and the rest of the blocks are on the wrong side.

Ok here it is on the wrong side to match the rest. Everything is in reverse when the blocks are done. Below that set of blocks is the C section and there are several parts to C. I think I will start C tomorrow and it will probably take two to three days to finish that section. As you can see every piece fits like clockwork. One must have loads of patience and it all comes together piece by piece.

The block D is exactly like the A block, only bigger and most of the other blocks follow the same proceeduer. If you do them one at a time  and just keep joining them, you can do it too...It just takes lots of time and each block is work intensive. You need lot of breaks. I take my time as I don't care how long it takes.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Colorful Quilt Block B

Block B. In the background you can see  how I have cut the pattern apart. Long snake strips that need lots of coffee breaks as I dont' eat chocolate (I try not to, don't buy it). Those are pp and I use the paper as I was too lazy to make freezer template. I didn't want to do all that tracing. I did trace the wedge for the star, as it's just one little wedge and you can make all eight wedges with one fp tracing.

The star is made and then ring going around the star is pp and the star set in. The two half rings above that are pp seperately after cutting them down the middle first and then joining when done. The the snakes are joined and added to the circle.

Here you can see the block turned on the right side of the fabric. This is the A block joined to the B block. Some seams are only sewed up to a certain point to accommodate the next block.

Now this is the wrong side of the frabric. You can see exactly how they fit on the map and you just continue from there. I could not do it without that map as it can sure get confusing. The 1/4 inch seam is so important here. You can see how everything falls into place.

Now on to Block C. I have it cut apart and haven't got a clue what goes where, so I will go to the map and refer and check my color wheel and start pp. It will probably take a few days to finish the C sections because there are several little half blocks to C. I will post the section as I go along.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Colorful Quilt-Block A

Ok here we go. I will post pics of the first block as it is put together, just to give those who need some help a heads up, if they are doing this quilt or are thinking of doing it. It is very important to read the entire instruction and study the layout. It is like a street map. Cut out the blocks and keep them together and do them one at a time. Each piece has letters and numbers and it's not hard really. IN block A, everything went together very nicely. A 11 had no instruction but one can see exactly where it goes.

This is the pattern for the center star of the block. You need to cut it into wedges. One wedge will do. Add 1/4 seam all around and paperpiece eight pieces. I made a freezer paper pattern and so used it eight times.

Here is one wedge with two shades of yellow and majenta background.

Here are all the wedges to be sewed together for the star center.

Here is the center star on the map. Now on to step 2.

This step follows the first. Paperpiece the next section and then cut a plain piece and add to the PP. Now there is an odd size bigger piece to pp, which is shown on the map.

Here you see the odd size piece is pp and added to the rest of the ring. What is not in the instruction is that you need to seperate that odd piece from the rest of the ring and pp seperately and then it's sewed on.

Here is the center block sewed into the ring.

Here is the second part of the block. The outside plain blocks and a pp ring of flying geese sewed together matching all the symbols.


Here are the two parts, ready to combine.

Here they are sewed together.

And here is the entire block except for #11 that I will be working on next and then on the block B. I am showing this block turned on the wrong side in orer to place it on the map. As you know in pp the blocks come out the opposite.

I am having a time with blogger. After I load a pic, I can't seam to get to the left even though I click on the aleigment tab.

I will not be showing the workups on the other blocks, just the completed blocks, unless I find something I have to work out.

Here is a pdf file for my friends at the quilt board of the Cathederal Windows. You can get it Catwin

Monday, June 07, 2010

The Colorful Quilt

This is going to be my next project. The pattern is by Jaqueline De Jonge. I have had the pattern for about 3 years and paid 50.00 for it in Paducah, when I went to the quilt deal. I just had to have it and I will be disappointed if I don't make it. I don't pay that kind of money ever!! for a pattern. I can see why she charged that much when I open it.

 So far I have cut out all the pattern blocks. It took like forever. Ther are eight large blocks with all sorts of rings and things.

Here is one sheet of patterns. Some will be paper pieced and the borders and area in-between will just be plain blocks.

Here you can see all the blocks cut and pinned together and another copy of the pattern to refer to as I make the blocks. It's like a road map lol.  I did a mirror image of the of the quilt image so I can have a reference as the blocks will come out mirror image.

 These are some fabrics I pulled and more will probably be added as I go along. It will not be the same coloration as the orginal. I feel like all the colors on the pattern kinda  just run together and there is not enough dark to emphasise the beautiful blocks and all the work that went into them.

I will be working on A block and will keep the blog udated as I go along.