Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I have been playing around with sculpting faces and they all look like trolls lol. Anyway, I had this doll pattern of a long skinny wall doll. I decided to enlarge her and sculpt a face for her. I didn't like the face or the doll one bit, so I decided to just mess her up good. Here she is.

A sewing lesson: When changing a pattern and enlarging or reducing, some minor hands on alterations must be made to the pattern also. For instance: her hips were way too wide but too late for that now. I took a piece of muslin and bound her hips up, just like they used to do in the olden days when you had a baby lol.

Here is a close up of her face. I am actually proud of this first good sculpt that doesn't look like a troll. Because it's a beginner face and it wasn't perfect, I decided to glitter her up and make her somewhat of an art doll. First I used several colors of Cray-Pas, they are an oil pastel by the Sakura Company, they also make those great Identi Pens and jelly roll pens which are permanent. I just colored all over her face with the Cray-Pas and blended with a rag on my finger. Then I outlined and did the eyes with the Identi- Pen and colored in with the jelly rolls. I then put Sealer (DAC) all over her face and put the the other goodies on.

Here is a side view of the left side. I used Glamour Dust (DecoArt Americana) (DAC) on that side and did the hairline in Craft Twinkles Writer (DAC). Also the the buttons.

Here is the right side. I used Golden Treasure Glitter (DAC), (from the paper perfect line).

I beaded the tops of her ballet shoes with Fashion Beadz (DAC) and painted the bottom a wine color using the fabric paint line. Then I used the Twinkles writer to make the staps and also did the designs on her arm, hands and legs with the gold Twinkles writer.

Her dress and vest are batik and her bloomers and blouse are some expensive fabric I found at the sewing studio lol. I tied ribbons on the arms and legs and cut two crochet dollies open to use for the lace on her bloomers. Her hair is a fake fur I found at JoAnn's.

FYI: I love Identi- pens. They do not dry out as long as you put the cover on when done. they don't bleed and they have two points. One to color large areas and one for finer detail. You can find these pens and the Cray-Pas at an art supply store or go on the web and just type the name in. They also make a neat glue pen. Just make an outline and add your favorite glitter, like an eyeliner etc. For finer detail like pen and ink and color washes, use their Pigma Micron pens which I also find to be much better than most I have used.

If you are afraid to use paint to paint faces. Use the pens. Anyone can paint a face.