Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ok this is the way I finished it. What a lot of work. I have no clue how I will quilt it since it's painted fabric. It has a lot of texture already. I think this will be the beginning of art quilts..I do like the way one can just so anything and it works.

Another pic.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ok, I didn't get to sew last night. Some little not so happy things happening in the family for a few days now. You know when a loved one gets old and stuff, we all have to take turns but all is going along as well as can be expected. Today I'm going to be home, so I started to sew my little design together this morning. Here it is all sewed up. The freezer patterns are hanging on the right. I think I'll file these for later use.

Ok, now it's time for chop, chop. Oh don't be squimish, let me do that, I must be brave, it was a bi**h sewing those curves it is all chopped up. Ayeee, all that work, jeez!! but never mind. Now let's see.

Notice the strips on the left are a bit bigger? Well I made a mistake and had the ruler turned the other way with the 1/2 inch extra. Crap! I cut two strips before I realized it. The strips are suppose to be 2 ins. Oh well, I decided to be lazy and left them and cut the others at 2. Now it's time to cut the in-between strips at 2 also. Here it is with the in-betweens. And my laziness didn't pan out either. I ended up having to cut those two stips to 2 ins. lol.

Ok now this is where I need a little feed back. Notice that as I put the in-between strips in, the main design is going up, up and I have to do that in order to see the connecting of the undulating curves right? Well look at the chunk I'm going to loose when I square it up. Now I can extend the main design strips or I can go this way where the design does not meet at any angle. What you think?

By the way. I am doing all this in the Firefox broser. IE was the problem not the blogger. Firefox is great for this.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Just checking in for a quickie. I'm still busy getting rid of and selling stuff on ebay. I need room remember? lol Well I took a break and stopped panting the rooster to do a small art quilt, and that happened as I was trying to stuff painted fabric, 200 yards of it, into places where it didn't belong, you get the drift and can relate right? hahah. Here is a pic of the process. I drew some lines on freezer paper, cut them out and pinned them to the design board. Then I would take a pattern piece down one at a time and iron it on the fabric of choice and replace the paper pattern. Here they are all ready to sew into gentle curves. I will then cut it up and put strips between alla Ricky Tims'. My darks are a mix of browns, blacks and tints that were overpainted twice. The have a rich vibrant look and feel to them. I like the way they look a lot. At this point I'm going for contrast. Once I have cut it up, I'll decide on the strips.

This mess is when I'm deciding which fabrics to pick many and so little time lol.

This is where I stuck some of them, in temporary lodgeing lol.

Notice the stips hanging from the end of the bin? the rest of the fabric. Those are the stips I rip off the selvage edge. They have the best colors. I use them to tie presents or hair ribbon or sell them as they are unique and beautiful true? And you know the worst part? I have even begun to dye yet. The painting of the fabic was to prepare me for the way I will dye. I already know that I'm going to dye the way I paint. I have 100 yards of pdf fabric and the dyes since last year lol. Ok, back to work, maybe I can have something to show later tonight.

Now, this is the second time I have written this post. I had to switch to Firefox. I dont' know why blogger is giving me so many problems with IE. I hope this works. I won't be able to rewrite it again.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I have been busy, busy, busy. Doing more supposing and thinking and wishing than doing hahahhaha...Well anyway, remember those funky chickens I got at JoAnns? Well I washed one of them real good to get the dust and stuff off and loveingly basecoated it three times in white acrylic and put it on the side to cure. I got ready to do some intense painting on it but decided to check the paint adherence. Well it scratched right offfffffff. W.T.H. Thank goodness I checked. I always do. So back to the drawing board. I took chickadees outside and wet sanded and hosed all the paint off, thank god I only did one. I then basecoated each one twice with "Bin." Bin is a sealer that will adhere to anything and give it tooth so you can then paint it, even glass. Here are my chickadees curing, bottoms up. Behind the chick you can see a door crown that I started to paint years ago from one of my favorite artists. "Helen Caven". She is dead now and I treasure her books and patterns. Her colors are my colors.

Well have a look at the door crown. It is so colorful and happy. I don't have much left to paint on there. This is one of the projects that I pulled out to finish.

It's still covered in plastic. I also pulled out Oweena the happy witch. I can't stand ugly green witches hahahah...My Halloween witch has to be colorful. She is almost done too.

blogger won't let me do anymore to this post. What a pain they are. OH oH they must have heard me. I edited and tried again and wahla!! Well here is the rooster man of the moment. I pulled him out to start. I had done the pattern on him. So here he is in the ugly stage.

I made him my self some years ago. I put two piece of 12 inch pine together and trace the out line then I cut out both pieces and glue them together. I'm amazed at all the things I have made out of pine. This guy is 28 inches tall and 22 inches at the wides point. When I used to do craft shows, I had this great rooster I had painted. I sold him and I think I have another wood cutout of him too. I love chickens. I might paint him too when I finish this guy. I haven't got a name for him yet.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let's see if we can get Priscilla on today. When I did craft shows and I'm really tempted to do a couple this year. Priscilla was the ornament tree. I had lots of hand painted ornaments. I am in the mood to paint ornament so I'll be posting some goes. Does anybody have the problems I have with blogger? It won't let me post more that 4 pics.
She's a bit crowded right now because I can't find her other pegs. I'll have to go through the wood pile again or buy new ones and I hate that.

ahahahah I found them. I went into the wood pile again and found wonderous things. Oh my!! Now I'm going to spruce Priscilla up. The good thing about Priscilla is that she can be anyone she pleases to be just by changing heads hahahahha. Wouldn't I love to do that to my self hahahah. Well I can put A santa head on her or whatever. I guess when I use her for ornaments, Santa will go on and so oh. I'm just adding to this post as I don't have enough stuff for a reguar post. I will be working on some stuff and posting in due time. Hang in there fellas..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

While I was rummaging through the wood pile I found all kinds of great stuff. It's strange how I remember everything I have. I found three sets of wood pyramids that I had commissioned my woodman to make out of 1 inch pine. My woodman is long dead now and anytime I get out a piece he made me, I think of him. He was such a sweet man. His name was Tom and his wife Sybil. They were married some 50 something years. Once a year they would come to visit me from North Carolina. They used to live in Orlando by me. Anyway, I still have the rolling pin he made me and there are some things I wouldn't dream of parting with. Thank goodness I always had several made, at least two, one to keep and one to sell lol. Here are the pyramids all basecoated a dark green and their bases which get glue on tonight. Then I will proceed to paint on them...Who knows what.

Notice the fabric in the back. I go in spurts. I guess the jewelry spurt is over for now and the quilting is on hold. I must put those fabrics away until the mood strikes again. I want to paint. I want to paint folk art. Hubby was laughing at me today. He said, one never knows what to find upon entering the studio...But he loves it all. Oh, I already fed him. Here is some of the wood I picked out to paint hahahahah....lotta wood there.

Oh my! ah almost forgot to show you my little chickadee. I got these in the garden section at Joanns ..Aren't they great? Here you see the original the way I bought them and the sealed and basecoated one, ready to paint a design on. I am thinking Talavera...Mexican.

And while I was taking pictures, I took one of Priscilla the jewelry tree. This is a 2x4 post with one of my painted heads and large pegs. Somewhere I have more pegs. I must find them. And blogger has quit on me again..Oh well tomorrow...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I will never ever make any comments about anybody who hoards piles of stuff. Take a look at my wood stash. Ceiling to Floor, wall to wall wood stuff to paint. Can you believe it? I got Americanised so quickly...hahahahhaha

This is what you don't see in the pic...The shelf on top with the big stuff...

And more stuff.....

I had fun tody rummaging through the wood pile hahaha..I found stuff to paint and I found stuff to put on ebay. I am selling everything...I need more room hahahhaha...Crazy woman today. I had to take the link out. It was making everything go to the bottom damn!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I was remembering a food today. We call these "dukunu". Here you might call it tamalitos. It entails cutting fresh corn off the cob and grinding it in this mill.

Now here is the corn all cut off and ready to grind. In the background you see the corn husks all washed and ready to make the duks in.

Here is the corn all ground up. An onion is ground in there and then some chicken bullion is added, salt, black pepper, a little hot pepper, some butter and olive oil, a little flour and an egg. You can also add meat but I prefer tohave some kind of stewed chicken or beef on the side. They are actually a mayan recipe and sorta vegitarian. And this is the way I remember my grandmother making them and they are so delicate and delicious.

I then do it the easy way. I take foil and line it with the corn husks, put in the mix and cover with more husk and then wrap them and put in steamer.

Of course there were two extra corns. Hubby just had to have some corn on the cob. How dare I cut off the corn hahahahhaha. I did 8 corns in all and it made a nice amount. They were delicious...

In-between the cooking, I was trying to decide how to quilt my art projects. These are one yard pieces that I painted. I pin them on my board and find a motion or invent one or let it lead me to one..whatever works and that is the way I will quilt it... Sorry will have to continue tomorrow. Blogger is doing it's thing again.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The traditional hot dogs and hamburgers just ain't going to get it today lol. I wasn't going to cook since hubby is away until much later today. Well, here's this half of defrosted turkey breast looking at me. I wanted to do a quick quick cook. I sliced up the trukey into slices, seasone it with everything plus jamacia jerk seasoning. Browned everything in olive oil, then threw in some crushed garlic and soy sauce and let it steam fry until done. While that was doing it's thing I did the veggies, mashed potatoes and mixed up a coconut cake. I was done in an hour. The food was in put-away dished and everything was in the dishwasher getting washed and the cake was baking...I am woman!!!!! is turkey, oh I is delish..

Coconut cake came out with a pudding effect in the bottom, it is to die for. I discovered a new recipe just from throwing things together that are availabe....

I'm being careful today and post the important ones first in case blogger does it is the cake even tasted so's a small cake. I have to watch my figure. lol

The turkey had a lot of meat on it still so I seasoned and browned it the same way ...added garlic and onions and 1 1/2 cups of water and made me a small soup for lunch. I had my soup with the coconut jonnies cake I made a few days ago...