Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ok, I didn't get to sew last night. Some little not so happy things happening in the family for a few days now. You know when a loved one gets old and stuff, we all have to take turns but all is going along as well as can be expected. Today I'm going to be home, so I started to sew my little design together this morning. Here it is all sewed up. The freezer patterns are hanging on the right. I think I'll file these for later use.

Ok, now it's time for chop, chop. Oh don't be squimish, let me do that, I must be brave, it was a bi**h sewing those curves it is all chopped up. Ayeee, all that work, jeez!! but never mind. Now let's see.

Notice the strips on the left are a bit bigger? Well I made a mistake and had the ruler turned the other way with the 1/2 inch extra. Crap! I cut two strips before I realized it. The strips are suppose to be 2 ins. Oh well, I decided to be lazy and left them and cut the others at 2. Now it's time to cut the in-between strips at 2 also. Here it is with the in-betweens. And my laziness didn't pan out either. I ended up having to cut those two stips to 2 ins. lol.

Ok now this is where I need a little feed back. Notice that as I put the in-between strips in, the main design is going up, up and I have to do that in order to see the connecting of the undulating curves right? Well look at the chunk I'm going to loose when I square it up. Now I can extend the main design strips or I can go this way where the design does not meet at any angle. What you think?

By the way. I am doing all this in the Firefox broser. IE was the problem not the blogger. Firefox is great for this.


Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

If you want the action of your curves, you will need to keep those aligned. So what if it doesn't come out the exact size you thought it would. That's just the way it is.

Rosy said...

True Mary Ann and I did just that lol...I finished it tonight...thanks.

Yvonne M. Rahmes said...

Hi Rosy from Yvonne (turdie on ebay a childhood turtle friend)- I read your whole blog-WOW!You are I think a few yrs older than me (I'm turning 50 this Oct 27th with my identical twin) and yet it seems you have energy enough to spare---it does not compute! You are so PROLIFIC! and of course I see you are yearning to get back to painting- please tell me more about how you ended up with this "stripping" designs once you have them together or painted for your quilts- I have never seen anything like it- are these pieces for 1 quilt? Are they very large pieces? It is EXQUISITE- the colors are ME!!!! I kid you not- if you could see my house and the colours/arrangements along with my paintings... well I am impressed and so glad to see a beautiful face to go along with our ebay emails :) You are a wonder!!! God Bless! Yvonne