Friday, July 28, 2006

Just checking in for a quickie. I'm still busy getting rid of and selling stuff on ebay. I need room remember? lol Well I took a break and stopped panting the rooster to do a small art quilt, and that happened as I was trying to stuff painted fabric, 200 yards of it, into places where it didn't belong, you get the drift and can relate right? hahah. Here is a pic of the process. I drew some lines on freezer paper, cut them out and pinned them to the design board. Then I would take a pattern piece down one at a time and iron it on the fabric of choice and replace the paper pattern. Here they are all ready to sew into gentle curves. I will then cut it up and put strips between alla Ricky Tims'. My darks are a mix of browns, blacks and tints that were overpainted twice. The have a rich vibrant look and feel to them. I like the way they look a lot. At this point I'm going for contrast. Once I have cut it up, I'll decide on the strips.

This mess is when I'm deciding which fabrics to pick many and so little time lol.

This is where I stuck some of them, in temporary lodgeing lol.

Notice the stips hanging from the end of the bin? the rest of the fabric. Those are the stips I rip off the selvage edge. They have the best colors. I use them to tie presents or hair ribbon or sell them as they are unique and beautiful true? And you know the worst part? I have even begun to dye yet. The painting of the fabic was to prepare me for the way I will dye. I already know that I'm going to dye the way I paint. I have 100 yards of pdf fabric and the dyes since last year lol. Ok, back to work, maybe I can have something to show later tonight.

Now, this is the second time I have written this post. I had to switch to Firefox. I dont' know why blogger is giving me so many problems with IE. I hope this works. I won't be able to rewrite it again.

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