Monday, April 20, 2009

Another short little post. The group I belong to was talking about also making something for boys. We found a cute Sumo Wrestler and I found this cute cowboy by EPB. I made him up real quick today. He is about 7.5 to 8 inches tall....soooo cute.

He is made with stips. Just a strip for all his parts, cut and sew and stuff...pen and ink features and color cheeks and done.....

This is another pic. The camera did a wierd thing. It took the cheeks and made it 3-d, like it's floating.

This is Twirl, she is not quite done. I still need to make her two horns for the side of her head lol.
She is a wall or hanging doll. I hung her in the tv room, it matches her perfectly.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ok, I'm back and I finished my little project. This little cutie is called, "Dollscape" It is a little fairy in her swing, sitting inside her own landscape.

Here is a close-up.

First you cut out a picture frame shape, backing and two piece of batting. Sew it all together and do a little quilting. Then you make the inner landscape with crazy patch (well, that's what I did) and then add beads etc. In my case, I added fabric beadz and glitter paint etc.

Here is the inner landscape:
Then you sew the inner landscape to the background frame, add the swing and the hanger. I used the beads you buy by the yard. Set your fairy in it. The fairy is so small that you just wrap her in wired ribbon or anything, underwear and all to make her decent lol.
I am uploading a rose for you today so you don't think I have deserted you. I am working on something really neat and that will be up today maybe...This rose is out of my garden.

On another note: Here is a 1920 antique doll from an old McCall pattern. I had her all sewed up and just laying around for some time. She she is pen and inked and then put together and stuffed. I love her look. She would be a great inspiration for a 3-d doll.