Sunday, August 31, 2008

I have made my first Izannah Walker doll. I have researched and looked at pics etc. The orginal doll had a molded face, where cotten and cloth were pressed into a mold with glue and then the faces were painted etc. I drafted my pattern to be something like an Izannah, since I have never seen one in person to know the measurements or anything. So I am guessing at the size head and did the body accordingly. If anybody has an orginal Izannah please email me if you would like to give me some stats.

I made a rag doll body like the ones I saw on the web. I gave the knee and calves a little shape and extend her booty a bit lol. Then I covered her entire head and chest with air dry clay and molded her face the best I could, since I am new at this. I should have looked at a pic but oh well, this is only the first one.

I will gesso her head and breast plate and paint her in acrylics, make her clothes and post another pic of her when I finish. I still have to do her thumbs, they are seperate and added after the hand is complete. I noticed when I posted the pics that one of her legs was sewed accross a bit higher. I have fixed it lol.

It took me all day saturday to make the patterns but once finished, I made the doll right away and did the sculpting today. It was fun.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update: I have been busy learning to sculpt, small stuff that is. If I disappear for while, take heart as I am working on stuff lol.

In my spare time, not to be totally craftless, I have been trying my hand at clay modeling. I am going to make the Goblin Princess and need some goblins....well to tell the real truth, I did want to sculpt a pretty face. Well, all I could get were these goblins hahahahha....but that's ok, I love them. These are originals and I will cast papers masks off them and make my goblins....

In the top pic, the white goblins are curved out of styrofoam and cover with glued on cotten. The rest are super sculpty.