Monday, November 07, 2011

Time to Paint

My quilt and doll room is over flowing with rolled up quilts on large cardboard rolls. So, what does one do when that happens? One switches to another craft lol.

My mode has switched to painting, even though I have two more dolls to finish. I will do those in between. I have been painting a few little things to get me going and purchased a few patterns from JoSonja Jansen. Her patterns are so professional with lots of color pictures,  and a delight to just look at. Just go look at her website, click on shop and each icon you see there is a selection of patterns. Here

I have already got the two Whale cribbage board patterns and will order the boards to go with those patterns today. One is for hubby and one is for son, both fishermen lol, the younger being a surfer also.

I love JoSonja's whimsey. Her Thumbelina pattern is so wonderful as is the Owl and the Pussycat, The Pirates and etc etc have to go look to appreciate all the wonderful paintings.

Today, I will show you a very large ornament.

I know, my studio is a bit messy but that is from all the stuff I have been doing and all of it will be totally put away when I start to paint. Anyway this ornament measures 13 3/4 inches tall and a has a diameter of 8 and is shaped beautifully with the point going down and the name escapes me at the moment.

It is plastic. I thought I would put JoSonja sealer all over it and paint one of her Christmas scenes on it. I will have to give it a good think and decide just what and will post when I get started. I will be using her paint line, of course.

The little guy you see there at the bottom is called a "Humbug" lol...isn't he just miserable? I am painting a bunch of those for a little craft show I am doing in December.

Ok, back to work and I will be getting back when I start, stay tuned. Remember my other blogs, where I post dolls and quilts. The link is on the left.