Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Time for some food....cake that is hahhahaha. I have bit the bullet and bought a new computer. This one is 4 years old and I have trouble posting in blogger and I have a sneaky feeling it's this pc. It needs a good over-hauling. I will just set this pc up with my quilt programs and games for John since it has a nice big drive. Tomorrow I will pick up an all -in - one printer to go with the new pc. Those printers are a dream. I have one already with the other pc. Oh I have 3, I'm a tech freak hahhaha....Anyway on to the food.

I threw the rest of dried fruit that I found in bags in the frig into a bowl...papaya, pineapple, and some other exotic fruit that I can figure out...golden raisens, walnuts, one stick butter and 4 mashed babanas.

I mixed that up with a mixing spoon that has a hole in it...just kinda stirred it around. Then I added 1/2 a box of brown suger, a squeezed orange and 1/2 squeezed lemon and stirred that around. This is how it looks. This is a quicky. Nothing fancy and ever so tasty and good for you..

I then added 3 cups of flour and some more juice and now it looks this good....and put it in a covection oven to bake for one hour at 350...will post finished cake when icing or anything now....

I have not sewed or painted a lick for awhile now...I've been busy selling stuff on ebay and having a good time lol...but now I have the urge to paint, paint, paint....quilts will have to wait a week...more later....

Cake just done..I have this need to throw some rum over it hahahah..nawww. It is delish...

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hahahhaha I thought that would get you all going. Ok something different for a change; let me give you the story. Long story short. I went to one of my favorite artist’s blog to read and see and by no fault of my own, to read the comments. Considering that the entire blog was dedicated to this one critic ( who has no name) who fancies herself as??? (asso hollo, I suppose). I just had to read what she wrote. Well she was making some negative comments about the artist’s new way of quilting. One would think that if you didn’t like what a person was doing, one would stay the hell away from that person’s blog true? But I guess she is something like a sex therapist. In more vulgar common language, an "effing know-it-all" that just had to make her negative comments. It was not good critique; it was just plain ignorant, ugly period. Well I proceeded to tell her that she must sit on her can all day with nothing better to do except go to the bathroom now and then and when she does, she probably has to make two trips considering her ass is quite large, one trip wouldn’t carry it all the way the first time. Well I immediately get this hate email from another person who was defending this ignorant first person with no name lol. Long story short…..she told me in not so many words that by the look of my fat face that my ass is probably bigger. Now I have never addressed this second woman with a name, in the first place. ..but she decided to dress me down. I, being the intelligent type as you all know lol, immediately guessed that she was the very same ignorant first person only this time she used a name. So I go back to the blog and read the second person, ( who wrote me the hate email comments) and on that blog, she called me immature and etc. hahahhaa…and then another clone with a name also, chipped in with, “grow up”. Ahhahahahah but if you all saw the other emails I got from the good bloggers, you would die laughing as I am. Well so much for the little excitement. Little does no-name know…how much I love it!!! Ahhahahahaha

Ok on to something else…Yesterday a lovely friend of mine came to visit and brought me these four gourds. She had already painted them red to do Santa’s with. But I guess that’s my job now lol…aren’t friends great? Especially when they come bearing gifts? Oh yes! I wonder if no name has finally made it to the bathroom hahahahhahaha..

Anyway, I am also making my tasty coconut cookie mix too. Here they are all done.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Oh boy did crap happen to me. I have sliced my finger. I was working on a new design a few days ago and I don't know what happened but the blade jumped the ruler and I'm ever so careful always. Well I fixed that real quick. I had no time to mess with blood. I got a wooden iron that I have at least a hundred from my teaching days lol. Here it hold the iron right where your hand should cut, stop..take the pressure of both iron and blade and move the iron up and repeat....hey it worked like clockwork..never again will I cut without my trusty iron..I even have some painted ones...

Ok now for some design work with all those fabrics I spent weeks painting..

.here is the start of some ....I thought I'd do some circles. I joined two piece of fabric together. Then picked out some others for the circles. Later on I refered to them as worlds, they just kinds looke like worlds. Anyway, I cut out size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 I think. Then I sewed them in. Oh I used the circle ruler that's called."cut a round".

Here they are all sewed in. Oh I sewed two piece of 18 x 45. The half yards that I painted and that would make a 36 x 44 more or less piece. I love the look and I have mixed feelings about cutting it in strips and I should follow my gut. I know it!!

&*%@*^%cuss and cuss&^%$....of course I cut it up and I want to die. I broke my heart..but we must move on....I just couldn't bear to cut that last piece so I left it like that but the rest is &%$..

I will never ever be able to repeat that piece sniff, sniff...damn damn. Ok let's put the freeking strips in...

It has lost that beautiful space deal that was going on. Well it's 2 am and maybe I'll like it tomorrow after I put the borders on.