Friday, August 04, 2006

Oh boy did crap happen to me. I have sliced my finger. I was working on a new design a few days ago and I don't know what happened but the blade jumped the ruler and I'm ever so careful always. Well I fixed that real quick. I had no time to mess with blood. I got a wooden iron that I have at least a hundred from my teaching days lol. Here it hold the iron right where your hand should cut, stop..take the pressure of both iron and blade and move the iron up and repeat....hey it worked like clockwork..never again will I cut without my trusty iron..I even have some painted ones...

Ok now for some design work with all those fabrics I spent weeks painting..

.here is the start of some ....I thought I'd do some circles. I joined two piece of fabric together. Then picked out some others for the circles. Later on I refered to them as worlds, they just kinds looke like worlds. Anyway, I cut out size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 I think. Then I sewed them in. Oh I used the circle ruler that's called."cut a round".

Here they are all sewed in. Oh I sewed two piece of 18 x 45. The half yards that I painted and that would make a 36 x 44 more or less piece. I love the look and I have mixed feelings about cutting it in strips and I should follow my gut. I know it!!

&*%@*^%cuss and cuss&^%$....of course I cut it up and I want to die. I broke my heart..but we must move on....I just couldn't bear to cut that last piece so I left it like that but the rest is &%$..

I will never ever be able to repeat that piece sniff, sniff...damn damn. Ok let's put the freeking strips in...

It has lost that beautiful space deal that was going on. Well it's 2 am and maybe I'll like it tomorrow after I put the borders on.


Miriam said...

i love it!

Yvonne (turdie on ebay a childhood turtle friend) said...

Hello Rosy from YVONNE!!! I think I saw you wrote me a one liner asking if I'm alive??? Ha ha you are the sweetest person I don't care what that bitch said to you (read your whole blog)- God is MY WITNESS I AM STUNNED WITH YOUR TALENT AND CREATIVITY- LORD GOD AGAIN IS MY WITNESS I AM STUNNED WITH THE FREE WAY YOU GO TO EVERYTHING!!!! IT IS LIKE YOU HAVE THIS BOUNDLESS- TRULY BOUNDLESS AND YET SIMPLICITY TO JUMP INTO SO MANY THINGS AND KEEP IT ALL GOING!!!! Now Rosy, I do not use the Lord and God in my writing very often, as they are sacred to me. So you must know I mean what I say and it is so special what I just saw in your blog I want you to see it from my eyes- you are no spring chicken yet you are so prolific and have friends (love the gourds!!!!!!!! but don't know how to work with them) Besides trying to tell you I see God in all that you do- I am trying to tell you I wish you could live next to me and I could be your life student. I could learn so much- and just try and stay out of your way while you leap into your surefoot driven undeniably "knowing" of what you should will do next. I love the food, I love the quilting which I know NOTHING about- except my beloved grandmother Nettie used to quilt and had all those wooden huge quilting frames where everyone comes and works...lost to another relative when she died. Well as to me and what I am doing- not so good and I am not liking that one bit especially when I see you in truly artistic SPLENDOR! I am just trying to keep up and I think it's menopause- crying all the time and hot hot hot flashes, all these dr's appts, my twin living now with my mom in California (across from San Francisco in a town called San Leandro) and me missing her but she hasn't called me but once in 2 mths and yes it hurts my feelings. I just got through my husband's family's "Christmas"- it was great in a way- I only see these people once a year- but I live with so much physical pain it is awkward to even walk around in a house- well here I am complaining and to me I am useless when I WHINE. So I take the day on each day saying Lord help me! and try to make something good of it. I feel guilty for even taking the time to visit your WONDERFUL blog- but I really think God wanted me to read it, I hope I don't sound loony to say that. I could list the things I am facing and have to face in the near future and you would certainly understand my difficulties- but I will NOT NOT NOT let them stop me- I am still alive and still needed and still need to do like you- my husband just wants me to paint again, this is why I love him. I needed to see all you are doing to take it in like a breath of good sweet air- now I need to just put aside how hard and long it takes me to do simple things and just GO TO IT, LIKE YOU!!!!! So, please understand I am so sorry I haven't gotten to feedback-so many are waiting because I have been so burdened I have gotten behind as it takes me so long to do anything as moving at all is difficult... anyways, I still have the will, that stubbornness that prods me when I think it's time to give up I SAY NEVER~!!!!! Well Rosy, you really put a smile on my face- I think you are wonderful- I am doing the best I can even if it's not good enough, it is my best so I just keep going and try not to be so critical of myself. I hope you read this soon- oh how did you EVER LEARN TO MAKE SUCH FOOD I am so hungry seeing those pics and reading your recipes- I am looking at your items and love the Whinnie ? books... I am just glad to be alive and moving and wanted to let you know I am still around. You are a blessing to me. Take care and have a marvelous Holiday season- let me know when you put more in your blog and ebay!!!!! Thanks for everything- God Bless you wOMan!!!! Yvonne (turdie on ebay a childhood turtle friend) ps I turned 50 on 10-27-06 with my identical twin- wow. PSPS- your quilt is... HEARTSTOPPING BEAUTIFUL!!!! how did you come upon this "way"- what do you do now? you must tell me your way of quilting from start to finish! SSSooooooo beautiful- love it!!!