Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ok, never mind on the knitting instructions. My good friend Linda came over and set me right. She said, "Rosy, just do what the instruction says. Isn't that what you always tell us?" Smart butt, that one. hahahahhahaha. Anyhow, she was right.

Now on to other things. The two rooms are finally painted etc. and today I was supposed to hang the drapes back but couldn't resist decorating just one little corner. Here is a pic. This is an old table I've had for a long time, it has a glass inset and a bottom shelf. I painted the MR and Mrs Claus statues some years ago when I was still dappling in ceramics. They are quite big and beautiful, I love them. I put little pots of decoration all around them. I put a crystal tree in an onyx dish with semi precious stones (my collection) on the bottom shelf and three tin Dickens houses and then I strung em up with lights and lit em up....I like..

So this is the first decoration of the season in this house. I did make the first fruit cake of the season last week. I had some company from Long Island NY (the are originally from Belize) and wanted to share a little holiday cheer with them. We demolished the cake, that's why you didn't see a pic......

Sunday, December 02, 2007

By George, I think I've got it finally!! Or maybe I think I do hahahahha. Anyhooooo, I have knitted my first sock with lots of blood, sweat and tears but fun, never-the-less. I always make sure some fun is involved. As long as I'm learning, it's fun.

Here is a side view. This is the side where you have to reverse for the gussett and I don't think I did it just right. It has the shape but something is lost. Never mind, I got it on the other side.

Here is the other side. I got that gussett good and understood that part perfectly. I just can't make the other side do it the same but time will tell.

Here is a front view. I love the pointed toe and this is knit as if to knit a sock but it looks like a soft shoe. I love it. It is actually a slipper and it's part Melody's from Fibermania, pattern. I had Melody's pattern, a book by Ann Budd and two other instructions and pics that I downloaded from the web. Between all those I was able to manage, when I didn't understand the instruction from one or the other.

Here is the turned heel. How about that heel for a beginner eh?

I understand the heel too. It still doesn't make sense to me but I can do it lol. I have done this sock on two circuler needles and it is so much easier than fighting the DP's. I say that because I am a beginner. Having only knit one sweater and one pair of men's socks years ago with 4 DP's and one dog sweater. I learned to knit from my sister when I visited her in England many moons ago and have I totally forgotten all about doing the socks deal. Socks are hard to understand, I don't care what anybody says. A sweater is much easier lol.

I used Addi Turbo circular needles in size US 3. These needles work like butter. I am selling all my other needles in ebay and replacing with Addi Turbo..they are a dream. I used the yarn, "Simply Soft" by Caron, sold by JoAnn's. Color-Embroidery, print 9811. 100% acrylic, worsted weight, 4 ply. I like my stuff washable. I will try the felt one though.

I am going to post a line of instruction here to see if anybody can translate it to me so I can understand it. Bear in mind that I was transfering the instruction from the DP's to the two circular and the counting is not the same as half the stitches for the socks are transfered to one set of circulars. Ok we are working on the flab now and it has 30 stitches. The instruction says:
Row 1: Sl 1 as if to purl. *(k1, sl 1 as if to knit). Repeat from *, k 1.

Now here is how I translated it. Slip one as if to purl. Then knit 1, slip 1 as if to knit. I just slip that one over and not do anything to it? then go back to knit one, slip one? According to this, how would I knit the next stitch when my yarn is behind the slipped one?

Ok, then I took our the Ann Budd book. She says:

Row 1: (RS) *Sl 1 pwise with yarn in back (wyb)
kl; rep from *

I understand that to mean: (right side) *slip 1 pearl wise with yarn in back. knit 1. Sounds the same to me like above. I'm not getting it. The yarn is going to behind the slipped stitch when I go to knit the other stitch.

Row 2: Sl 1 pwise with yarn front (wyf), purl to end. Repeat rows. This line I understand.

Ok, help! I need to understand.