Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ok, never mind on the knitting instructions. My good friend Linda came over and set me right. She said, "Rosy, just do what the instruction says. Isn't that what you always tell us?" Smart butt, that one. hahahahhahaha. Anyhow, she was right.

Now on to other things. The two rooms are finally painted etc. and today I was supposed to hang the drapes back but couldn't resist decorating just one little corner. Here is a pic. This is an old table I've had for a long time, it has a glass inset and a bottom shelf. I painted the MR and Mrs Claus statues some years ago when I was still dappling in ceramics. They are quite big and beautiful, I love them. I put little pots of decoration all around them. I put a crystal tree in an onyx dish with semi precious stones (my collection) on the bottom shelf and three tin Dickens houses and then I strung em up with lights and lit em up....I like..

So this is the first decoration of the season in this house. I did make the first fruit cake of the season last week. I had some company from Long Island NY (the are originally from Belize) and wanted to share a little holiday cheer with them. We demolished the cake, that's why you didn't see a pic......

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