Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I can be as stubborned as all-get-out when I'm ready lol. I insist on having my jars of jam up. I had to reboot to do this and there is not a darn thing wrong with my computer, it's brand new. Here is what blogger tells me when I try to do another post when they don't upload my pics.

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As you can see I'm here and I didn't do anything they said except reboot. Well anyway if anyone has this problem please tell me so I don't sweat the small stuff lol..

Let's see now if I can upload the jars of guava jam..

Well, whatdayuknow!! see they would have me go through a lot of crap for nothing is the jam, all done. As you can see some of them are still upside down and a couple with just a bit of jam but that's because I made three batches and a little get left but I combine those this morning and it's the first jar we are eating.
Jamming...Guavas are in season. Not everybody like that fruit. The smell or the taste. Well I love it! A friend brought three bags of them to me a few days ago and there is no way to eat them fast enough. So jam is the thing. Here they are all washed.

I put on a good show on the tv and set my stuff up, got comfy and started. First I took a teaspoon and just sliced them in half. Take all the centers with the seed out and put them in a sperate bowl.

Next, I have this little grinding mill and I put all the centers in there and keep turning until all the good stuff is pureed out of them. See the nice color?

Then I take the seeds, after I have squeeze everything out of them and put them in a bowl and add just enough water to wash them and then I use that water to chop the outside part of the guava in the blender. Below you see the seed being strained and then both mixed together

And here are the results, 13 pints of guava jam. I make cakes with it, cookies, ice cream topping. jam rolls or just eat it on toast, delish. the method I use is the one where you use the fruit pectin. When it is done cooking, you just pour in the jar and turn upside down for 5 minutes and then up again and let cool and seal. Ok it won't upload the jars. Anyway does this happen to other bloggers? Is there a limit on how pics you can upload?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

dee said...
wow Rosy, I'm so impressed-I only know how to do a few things with the computer related to office work and business. I'm still learning and now I need to learn how to up-load pics. I can figure out the whole blog thing-that's easy, but I need help with the camera-to file-to blog thing. Hopefully soon!

Rosy says,
Ok, loading up pics is not too bad. Firstly make a folder in "my documents" for your pictures. Second" hopefully you have a program like Adobe or something like it. Third, the digital camera. Now take all your pics. Turn the camera off and take out the memory card or you can plug the camera right into a port on your computer and download to your folder. The camera comes with a little book that tell you how. For me I just find it easier to take the card out and stick the card into a slot on my new pc or my new printer, now has these slots as well. Before that I had a card reader plugged into my pc and I would stick the card into the reader. Anyway once you have plugged the card in, go to my computer and click on the drive that is the reader. You want one of the removeble drives. Just keep clicking on them until you find the one that shows the file or folder. Click on it and see that it's your photos. Now click the back button to go back to the folder. Once there, right click on the folder and scroll down to "rename" give the folder a name. Now right click again on it and send it to "my documents". Now fire up your program, adobe or whatever. Go to open and go get the folder with your photos that you sent to your documents. Point the mouse on the first photo to highlight it, hold down the shift key and select all the photos and say open. Now they are all in your program. Click on the first photo, click on image at the tool bar and scroll down to size. In the little box that comes up with the size, it will be highlighted already, just type 600 on the keyboard. You are resizing the picture for faster upload. Save the file with a new name or leave the same name. I am working in adobe so I don't know what your program has. Now when you up load to blogger, make sure you check the middle button so your pics are in the middle of you blog. Now you can skip all the above and upload to blogger right from your folder in "my computer" but you will wait! lol....hope that was helpful.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wow!! I haven't blogged in ages. I'm on an ebay kick right now. I am selling all my excess stuff and having such success. Stuff, stuff, stuff. I'm getting rid of excess stuff. Hubby is worried hahahahha. He is telling me, mind you..."don't sell all you stuff" hahahaha. Can you imagine that coming from a man? Wonders never cease. Well I'm so involve with the listing, bidding, selling and shipping and's a new thing you know? it will soon end. The quilts and paintings are callin me to come back home hahahhaha...but i'm still having fun...when is money not fun? hahahaha...ok I'll be back soon promise.

I'm thinking of finishing this painted cloth quilt. I think I showed this before. It's one of those embroidery kits for a bed spread. Who is going to do that work I ask you? Right! not me. I have finished half of it I think.

Another part of the spread.

In the meantime I have set up a new computer and printer and stuff. I love technology.