Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jamming...Guavas are in season. Not everybody like that fruit. The smell or the taste. Well I love it! A friend brought three bags of them to me a few days ago and there is no way to eat them fast enough. So jam is the thing. Here they are all washed.

I put on a good show on the tv and set my stuff up, got comfy and started. First I took a teaspoon and just sliced them in half. Take all the centers with the seed out and put them in a sperate bowl.

Next, I have this little grinding mill and I put all the centers in there and keep turning until all the good stuff is pureed out of them. See the nice color?

Then I take the seeds, after I have squeeze everything out of them and put them in a bowl and add just enough water to wash them and then I use that water to chop the outside part of the guava in the blender. Below you see the seed being strained and then both mixed together

And here are the results, 13 pints of guava jam. I make cakes with it, cookies, ice cream topping. jam rolls or just eat it on toast, delish. the method I use is the one where you use the fruit pectin. When it is done cooking, you just pour in the jar and turn upside down for 5 minutes and then up again and let cool and seal. Ok it won't upload the jars. Anyway does this happen to other bloggers? Is there a limit on how pics you can upload?


Yvonne (turdie on ebay) said...

ROSITA YOU ARE AMAZING!!! it is Yvonne (turdie on ebay a childhood turtle friend)- I have visited your website AND your "blog" (I don't know a thing about what a blog is but I LOVE YOURS!!!)- I have never seen a guava fruit in the stores in eastern North Carolina- my mom lives across from San Francisco- and they have SO many WONDERFUL FRUITS all/everything exotic-oranges size of big grapefruit etc. I know she knows what guavas are and how to use them. I love drinks that say like sugar free strawberry-guava flavor etc.- I loved the nativity but your MADONNA BLESS YOU ROSITA SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I cross myself and say "thank you LORD for Rosita painting your mother so beautiful and for having Rosita in this world too!" I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your art/quilting/jamming etc etc. You seem to like where you live- I have never heard you complain of anything. I love your picture- I swear if I EVER get to go to Florida I am coming to meet you for a day! Don't worry- I give plenty of warning, never drop in on ANYONE. Even my family/best friends know I tell them "just give me at least 24hrs notice" unless emergency ha ha :) well, I am going to look some more at your stuff. I have to open a week's worth of mail- we had a terrible tornado warning flood warning and a squall that made the rain turn sideways instead of fallind down... I am going to look for a rain slicker for my husband- he came home from lunch and had to go back and wouldn't wear a jacket (it's been so HOT AND WET HERE even in Nov- that's NC for you...) Anyways, will email you again- just HAD to tell you this Guava-makes my mouth water! I want some!!! I grew up in New England (all the eastern states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont etc) and APPLE AND APPLEBUTTER is their favorite plus MAPLE SUGAR MAPLE CANDY etc. Will talk with you again soon you talented person you-God Bless!!! Yvonne NEW EMAIL ADDRESS:

Rosy said...

Hey Turdie, you are a trip. I will soon start to post again....just a little more ebay left to do lol....