Saturday, September 02, 2006

dee said...
wow Rosy, I'm so impressed-I only know how to do a few things with the computer related to office work and business. I'm still learning and now I need to learn how to up-load pics. I can figure out the whole blog thing-that's easy, but I need help with the camera-to file-to blog thing. Hopefully soon!

Rosy says,
Ok, loading up pics is not too bad. Firstly make a folder in "my documents" for your pictures. Second" hopefully you have a program like Adobe or something like it. Third, the digital camera. Now take all your pics. Turn the camera off and take out the memory card or you can plug the camera right into a port on your computer and download to your folder. The camera comes with a little book that tell you how. For me I just find it easier to take the card out and stick the card into a slot on my new pc or my new printer, now has these slots as well. Before that I had a card reader plugged into my pc and I would stick the card into the reader. Anyway once you have plugged the card in, go to my computer and click on the drive that is the reader. You want one of the removeble drives. Just keep clicking on them until you find the one that shows the file or folder. Click on it and see that it's your photos. Now click the back button to go back to the folder. Once there, right click on the folder and scroll down to "rename" give the folder a name. Now right click again on it and send it to "my documents". Now fire up your program, adobe or whatever. Go to open and go get the folder with your photos that you sent to your documents. Point the mouse on the first photo to highlight it, hold down the shift key and select all the photos and say open. Now they are all in your program. Click on the first photo, click on image at the tool bar and scroll down to size. In the little box that comes up with the size, it will be highlighted already, just type 600 on the keyboard. You are resizing the picture for faster upload. Save the file with a new name or leave the same name. I am working in adobe so I don't know what your program has. Now when you up load to blogger, make sure you check the middle button so your pics are in the middle of you blog. Now you can skip all the above and upload to blogger right from your folder in "my computer" but you will wait! lol....hope that was helpful.


dee said...

OMG Rosy-you are the best, I am so grateful that you spent the time to help me with this. It just adds to your general ROSY-ness. I will let you know when I have things set up so you can come take a look-right now we have holiday stuff going on so I need to have some QUIET time for this. I hope you and your family have a wondefful Labor Day to you next week...and thanks again, I'm so excited-now I can get creamed by the anonymii too....

deejay said...

Hi Rosy,
Wow! You really are a Rosy. I just read your post on EQs Forum so, I had to click right to your blog and your booouuuutful quilts.
I have used EQ since it first came out. I hadn't even tried quilting and still haven't done much. I have a real hang-up about it. I just love drawing (I can't say the word design)in EQ and EQ6 is so much fun. I was a late starter with quilting and am getting later.
I do have tops made it's the getting at putting it all together that gets me. Your quilts just made me feel so happy. Your colours are so free and just so wow. I'm going to be 73 soon so I had better get going. I just had to tell you how much I admire what you do. You are truly a real artist. How do you design your quilts? I noticed that you said you didn't design in EQ. Do you just go with it or do a sketch first? Thanks so much for sharing your life. I will be back and back to get caught up with what you are doing in your life. Thanks so much, I bet you have a great laugh.
Bye for now, Dorothy