Friday, September 01, 2006

Wow!! I haven't blogged in ages. I'm on an ebay kick right now. I am selling all my excess stuff and having such success. Stuff, stuff, stuff. I'm getting rid of excess stuff. Hubby is worried hahahahha. He is telling me, mind you..."don't sell all you stuff" hahahaha. Can you imagine that coming from a man? Wonders never cease. Well I'm so involve with the listing, bidding, selling and shipping and's a new thing you know? it will soon end. The quilts and paintings are callin me to come back home hahahhaha...but i'm still having fun...when is money not fun? hahahaha...ok I'll be back soon promise.

I'm thinking of finishing this painted cloth quilt. I think I showed this before. It's one of those embroidery kits for a bed spread. Who is going to do that work I ask you? Right! not me. I have finished half of it I think.

Another part of the spread.

In the meantime I have set up a new computer and printer and stuff. I love technology.


dee said...

wow Rosy, I'm so impressed-I only know how to do a few things with the computer related to office work and business. I'm still learning and now I need to learn how to up-load pics. I can figure out the whole blog thing-that's easy, but I need help with the camera-to file-to blog thing. Hopefully soon! Happy to see you having fun(and making the bucks)with technology. E-bay is fun. We have friends who have a store on e-bay. People will buy ANYTHING...amazing. have a great weekend Rosy

Rosy said...

Dee, I will help you with the loading on my blog today.