Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I can be as stubborned as all-get-out when I'm ready lol. I insist on having my jars of jam up. I had to reboot to do this and there is not a darn thing wrong with my computer, it's brand new. Here is what blogger tells me when I try to do another post when they don't upload my pics.

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We found the following errors:
Your browser's cookie functionality is disabled. Please enable JavaScript and cookies in order to use Blogger.
Blogger Help explains how.

As you can see I'm here and I didn't do anything they said except reboot. Well anyway if anyone has this problem please tell me so I don't sweat the small stuff lol..

Let's see now if I can upload the jars of guava jam..

Well, whatdayuknow!! see they would have me go through a lot of crap for nothing is the jam, all done. As you can see some of them are still upside down and a couple with just a bit of jam but that's because I made three batches and a little get left but I combine those this morning and it's the first jar we are eating.

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