Monday, April 30, 2007

I have just come back from spending six days in Paducha Kentucky. My friend Elaine and I went to the grand quilt fest. It was great! It was so crowded the first few days, one could hardly move and I didn't care for that too much...but all in all, we were there and made do. As we entered the Expo, we were greated by this wonderful crazy quilted horse by John Flyn. Isn't he grand?

I took many pics of the wonderful quilts but will show just a few of them. Here is one of a bull that is just magnificent.

Here is another wonderful quilt.



The whole town participates in the quilt fest. Here is a huge bull in the street with a quilt on his back lol.

We bought tons of fabric. Elinor Burnes had a huge tent sale at 4.00 per yard of over 6000 bolts of fabrics. We also visited her store. After we shopped Elinor four times we went to Handcocks twice and shopped their 4.00 special for the show and then did some major damage in the regular price stuff too. I think I spent about 800.00. One lady said she spent 4000.00.

We also went to Elinor's lecture. She was soooo funny.

Here is a pic of my bags of fabric and I laid some of them out for you to see....

It took me 5 days to make up my mind to buy this 48.99 pattern by Jaqueline de Jonge. I'm sure you've seen it. I bought it on the last day of shopping. I have to make this quilt.

I also visited the booth of Laura W and said hi. There she sat surrounded by her beautiful hand dyed fabrics.

Monday, April 16, 2007

I am having such fun. I am making an art doll. Well, I call her an art doll because her face is painted and her clothing is our quilting fabric and I'm going to decorate her when she is done with beads and things.

She has an amature inside so you can pose her. In this pic I have added the body and one leg you can see part of her foot and hands on the table. Also, a pic of what she looks like when finished is in the background. If you want to see her close up and more like her, click here ... The artist's name is Patti Medaris Culea. I met her many years ago and bought a pattern and now many years later, I am in a fit of doll making and have ordered several. They are such fun, they call up all your creative juice. You can add to the dresses, add more bling, bling etc.
The body is ever so shapely, better than mine even lol. Knees, calves, breasts, long slender neck. A beautiful doll.

I painted the face and did very little sculpting. She is an 18 inch cloth doll. I painted the fabric that I made her face and top body out of.

Here she is so far, no arms yet. I am waiting for the special turning tools to turn the fingers. I finished her bloomers, skirt and vest so far but no adornments yet.
Here she is with some colorfull ribbon tied around her knees and waist. I will hang baubles from those. She is standing all by herself now. I have to decide on hair tomorrow and rings and things and more decorations. I will post her again when she is all finished.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here is a little project I did two days ago. I need a sewing cabinet and what I want cost bucks so in the meantime>>>>> I found this cabinet, it even came with a storage stool. I measured inside the cavity and cut and screwed a nice piece of strong plywood in there and my Janome fit right in.

You can see a little space in the back, but that doesn't bother anything. See how nice it looks?

Since my machine's storage box opens in the front, this flap in the front worked out just right. I had to trim of about an inch. When I want to access the box, I just flip it up.

Here you see a space on the right side too but that also doesn't bother anything and my cords fit in there just nice too.

I had to cut an inch off the legs as I'm short and we are doing a custom job here now lol. I also had to cut a large curve out of the front, since cutting off the legs lowered the front panel to my legs...but I fixed that.

Here is a view accessing the storage area. Just flip up and then down ahahah...I'm so smart.

All this cost me a mere 10.00 bucks, so for now it will do. I can also butt this up to a larger table when I'm working on a larger piece. I kinda like my invention. I might build a side left piece or find a perfect cabinet and cut the legs down to suit me. I did a rough job but it's fine for now. I might refine it or not and oh all stuff in the back is my folk art that I do now and then.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm going to upload about six pics of the Grandmother Flower Garden that I started some years ago in memory of my grandmother. This is the tin that I keep it in with everything that pertains to it.

Here is a block done. The center, two rows of garden and then the steps or path. The path is on one side only.

Then as you join the blocks, you join then at the path side.

All the seams are set in on this quilt, so one would be carful of the 1/4 inch seams.

I found this to be very easy to put together.

The Sharon Hultgren rule, "Easy Hexagon" and her book, "60 degree shapes without math, are really heaven sent to do this all on the sewing machine.

The blocks go together like butta lol and very quickly as in doing it all by hand or EP.

Here is a pic of the ruler.

Another pic.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I finished my Zodiac it is all done...

Here is Tarus the bull....

Here is part of the border and some quiltwork...

This is me ..Libra....