Monday, April 16, 2007

I am having such fun. I am making an art doll. Well, I call her an art doll because her face is painted and her clothing is our quilting fabric and I'm going to decorate her when she is done with beads and things.

She has an amature inside so you can pose her. In this pic I have added the body and one leg you can see part of her foot and hands on the table. Also, a pic of what she looks like when finished is in the background. If you want to see her close up and more like her, click here ... The artist's name is Patti Medaris Culea. I met her many years ago and bought a pattern and now many years later, I am in a fit of doll making and have ordered several. They are such fun, they call up all your creative juice. You can add to the dresses, add more bling, bling etc.
The body is ever so shapely, better than mine even lol. Knees, calves, breasts, long slender neck. A beautiful doll.

I painted the face and did very little sculpting. She is an 18 inch cloth doll. I painted the fabric that I made her face and top body out of.

Here she is so far, no arms yet. I am waiting for the special turning tools to turn the fingers. I finished her bloomers, skirt and vest so far but no adornments yet.
Here she is with some colorfull ribbon tied around her knees and waist. I will hang baubles from those. She is standing all by herself now. I have to decide on hair tomorrow and rings and things and more decorations. I will post her again when she is all finished.

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