Thursday, July 06, 2006

I was remembering a food today. We call these "dukunu". Here you might call it tamalitos. It entails cutting fresh corn off the cob and grinding it in this mill.

Now here is the corn all cut off and ready to grind. In the background you see the corn husks all washed and ready to make the duks in.

Here is the corn all ground up. An onion is ground in there and then some chicken bullion is added, salt, black pepper, a little hot pepper, some butter and olive oil, a little flour and an egg. You can also add meat but I prefer tohave some kind of stewed chicken or beef on the side. They are actually a mayan recipe and sorta vegitarian. And this is the way I remember my grandmother making them and they are so delicate and delicious.

I then do it the easy way. I take foil and line it with the corn husks, put in the mix and cover with more husk and then wrap them and put in steamer.

Of course there were two extra corns. Hubby just had to have some corn on the cob. How dare I cut off the corn hahahahhaha. I did 8 corns in all and it made a nice amount. They were delicious...

In-between the cooking, I was trying to decide how to quilt my art projects. These are one yard pieces that I painted. I pin them on my board and find a motion or invent one or let it lead me to one..whatever works and that is the way I will quilt it... Sorry will have to continue tomorrow. Blogger is doing it's thing again.


dee said...

Oh boy..Rosy you are going to be responsible for a few pounds on all of us..I have learned about some really delicious treats from you. Good thing I'm way up in NY or I'd be waddling on over to your house for more recipes.. these sound a little like tamales????thanks,mmmmmmmm off to the farm stand for corn.

Rosy said...

hahahah...I'm so glad you like them Dee. Yes they are called tamales too. Being raised in Central America, I had first hand at the ethnic dishes. Mostly I cook from scratch and memory. We call tamales some totally different. Next time I will make those and you will go wild for them hahahha...but it's all good food really. Just don't eat a lot lol. Now today they will be better heated up.