Thursday, July 20, 2006

I have been busy, busy, busy. Doing more supposing and thinking and wishing than doing hahahhaha...Well anyway, remember those funky chickens I got at JoAnns? Well I washed one of them real good to get the dust and stuff off and loveingly basecoated it three times in white acrylic and put it on the side to cure. I got ready to do some intense painting on it but decided to check the paint adherence. Well it scratched right offfffffff. W.T.H. Thank goodness I checked. I always do. So back to the drawing board. I took chickadees outside and wet sanded and hosed all the paint off, thank god I only did one. I then basecoated each one twice with "Bin." Bin is a sealer that will adhere to anything and give it tooth so you can then paint it, even glass. Here are my chickadees curing, bottoms up. Behind the chick you can see a door crown that I started to paint years ago from one of my favorite artists. "Helen Caven". She is dead now and I treasure her books and patterns. Her colors are my colors.

Well have a look at the door crown. It is so colorful and happy. I don't have much left to paint on there. This is one of the projects that I pulled out to finish.

It's still covered in plastic. I also pulled out Oweena the happy witch. I can't stand ugly green witches hahahah...My Halloween witch has to be colorful. She is almost done too.

blogger won't let me do anymore to this post. What a pain they are. OH oH they must have heard me. I edited and tried again and wahla!! Well here is the rooster man of the moment. I pulled him out to start. I had done the pattern on him. So here he is in the ugly stage.

I made him my self some years ago. I put two piece of 12 inch pine together and trace the out line then I cut out both pieces and glue them together. I'm amazed at all the things I have made out of pine. This guy is 28 inches tall and 22 inches at the wides point. When I used to do craft shows, I had this great rooster I had painted. I sold him and I think I have another wood cutout of him too. I love chickens. I might paint him too when I finish this guy. I haven't got a name for him yet.

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