Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Colorful Quit Block D

I skipped the C block because I need to colorize the D block which I consider the center of attention. It is the largest star and I wanted it to be hot like Mars so I put lots of red, orange and yellow and little Teal to cool it some. I didn't finish it, I just wanted the main middle part done. The red ring is where it joins the  yellow with spikes,  that is part of A block. Here you see the right side of it and the rest of the blocks are on the wrong side.

Ok here it is on the wrong side to match the rest. Everything is in reverse when the blocks are done. Below that set of blocks is the C section and there are several parts to C. I think I will start C tomorrow and it will probably take two to three days to finish that section. As you can see every piece fits like clockwork. One must have loads of patience and it all comes together piece by piece.

The block D is exactly like the A block, only bigger and most of the other blocks follow the same proceeduer. If you do them one at a time  and just keep joining them, you can do it too...It just takes lots of time and each block is work intensive. You need lot of breaks. I take my time as I don't care how long it takes.

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