Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Colorful Quilt Block C

Back to block C. I finished that section except for the tiny star. Here are some parts of it. The left goes to the bottom with the border included with the star. Then the top snake is pp.

Here is the placement with the paper still on so you can see how it goes. It is sewed from the left and stops at the number on the pattern and the rest just stays there for the next step.

Each block comes with an extra map and show you exactly where you are and a black line shows where the placements is.

Here is is sewed together with the concave always on top of the convex. The markings are matched up and pinned. I wanted to show you, "The purple Thang". I am sure you know about it. It is so helpful to push the top layer as you sew and it keeps it together, it is a great tool.

Close-up of how it looks when the parts are sewed on.

The bottom star is attached. This is the reverse side. I left the paper on the rest of the snake so I can mark the next piece and match them up. The instruction has number by number so you can't go wrong. I only remove the paper on the part that I am sewing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have that extra map to work on.

Here I put it on the right side so you can see the real colors and how it looks so far. Now I am going to work on the rest of that section.

Here are the other two part that go to the right at the bottom. As usual the parts are pp and put together with the plain blocks. To the left is part of the background and two half rings  and then the half pie shape.

Here they are sewed together as one piece and now will be added to the rest on map.

Now it's back on the reverse side so I can use the map correctly. See the piece hanging? That stays just like that until another section is ready.

Ok, I put it on the right side of the fabric so you can see how it looks. The hole in the center is where the little star will go. I will do that today and will finish section C. I already have a head start on Block D, so that should go quicker but what's the hurry.


susiew said...

Rosy, I'm loving the photos of the right side. It shows your beautiful colors so well. It is just fascinating to watch you stitch this together ..... and what a wonderful thing for you to look back over when it's finished. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. I feel like I'm in your sewing room sharing nice days with you.

Quiet Quilter said...

I bow to your tenacity and workmanship! I know of only one other person who "Might" be able to match you.....that is the person who designed this lovely creation! This is truely a good example of "one step at a time."

Rosy said...

Thank you ladies. I am so happy to share this is work lol..but good joyful work. I had to take today off. Section C was a bit work intense...I hope to resume tomorrow...

I am so glad that there are designers out there who tackle a design like this and put it to paper so I can have a go at it/

Patty Ashworth said...

OMG!!! Wow!!! Beautiful. I'll never do it but I love to see the sections coming together. I'm more of a slash and sew. Love to do simpler curved piecing. But I admire the work you are doing. !!!