Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Colorful Quilt-Block A

Ok here we go. I will post pics of the first block as it is put together, just to give those who need some help a heads up, if they are doing this quilt or are thinking of doing it. It is very important to read the entire instruction and study the layout. It is like a street map. Cut out the blocks and keep them together and do them one at a time. Each piece has letters and numbers and it's not hard really. IN block A, everything went together very nicely. A 11 had no instruction but one can see exactly where it goes.

This is the pattern for the center star of the block. You need to cut it into wedges. One wedge will do. Add 1/4 seam all around and paperpiece eight pieces. I made a freezer paper pattern and so used it eight times.

Here is one wedge with two shades of yellow and majenta background.

Here are all the wedges to be sewed together for the star center.

Here is the center star on the map. Now on to step 2.

This step follows the first. Paperpiece the next section and then cut a plain piece and add to the PP. Now there is an odd size bigger piece to pp, which is shown on the map.

Here you see the odd size piece is pp and added to the rest of the ring. What is not in the instruction is that you need to seperate that odd piece from the rest of the ring and pp seperately and then it's sewed on.

Here is the center block sewed into the ring.

Here is the second part of the block. The outside plain blocks and a pp ring of flying geese sewed together matching all the symbols.


Here are the two parts, ready to combine.

Here they are sewed together.

And here is the entire block except for #11 that I will be working on next and then on the block B. I am showing this block turned on the wrong side in orer to place it on the map. As you know in pp the blocks come out the opposite.

I am having a time with blogger. After I load a pic, I can't seam to get to the left even though I click on the aleigment tab.

I will not be showing the workups on the other blocks, just the completed blocks, unless I find something I have to work out.

Here is a pdf file for my friends at the quilt board of the Cathederal Windows. You can get it Catwin


Quiltilicious said...

Hi, I'm here from the Quilter Board (and now following your blog). You do some really awesome work!

I've been looking at the Jaqueline DeJongo patterns for a couple of years online, and wondering what went into them. Thank you so much for sharing!

Rosy said...

Hi, welcome and thank you. I will be posting the blocks as I finish them.

susiew said...

Hey there Rosy girl! What a gorgeous thing you are making. You did a great job showing how you put it together too. I'll be watching your colorful good time. Knowing you those colors will knock our socks off.
Susie W

Rosy said...

Hey Susie girl, I am loving this. Working on Block B but had to take lots of breaks as those long snake chains (that's what I call them)..take some doing.