Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Faries, I made the forest fairy last night and then went right on into the Christmas fairy and started another one but looked at the clock lol. Here is the Christmas fairy #1. She is 9 inches tall with her toes pointed and 8 inches tall with her feet turned up. Her head is one of my painted wooden beads. She is totally wired to pose. On her head she has a bee-hive out of wool yarn, but that will change lol. I had to cover the wire loop.

Here is the Forest Fairy #1. She is the same dimentions as above. Her head is all cloth, painted with fabric paint. She is a soft wire, so she is limited in the posing department....I like my faries or dolls a bit on the solid side. I do like the skinny ones but I always tend to fatten them up a bit. This pattern is still in the testing stages. I am working on the third test now and will post her tomorrow or tonight.

I also like to put all sorts of fabic to gether to create one of a kind.


Terri said... make the cutest faces!!Are you making these up as you go along? Terri

Rosy said...

Yes Terri, I make them up as I go along and keep tweaking the pattern. I am inspired by the fabric (scraps). The heads were painted some time ago. I had them in a container to make angels with...well this is just as good.