Sunday, June 25, 2006

I’m baaack ahhahah. I promised. I have put the jewelry making to the side for now. You know how it is? Once you sell some, you loose interest not!!!! Lol. Well anyway, I feel to paint some wooden beads (island talk). So while my wet palette is soaking, I will entertain you with some pics.
I am mainly a folk artist. I love the whimsy and simplicity of it. I paint in acrylics. At the moment I’m using. “Traditions” by DecoArt. It is a lovely paint; it paints like buttaa (butter). And you know anything like buttaa, is always good lol. The wet palette keeps the paint moist and the brush you see in the bottle has a retarder and flow medium to help the paint stay open and manageable. Even though this paint needs very little help, I still like to use the mediums for translucency and applying more tints and etc. Ok, I admit it, I like to piddle around.

Here you see the beads in all shapes with a red dye on them. That’s how I bought them a million years ago. I have three buckets of them in green, red, white, blue and god knows what else but they are all sorted hahahaha. I usually wash and dry them and some of the dye comes off and they are ready to paint. Also I like to put out some of my painted objects from other projects to see what colors I used that I liked. Here you see some butterflies that go with a white wooden old world Santa. Wow the bead kinda look like cherries don't they?

Here is a close -up of one of the butterflies. See how you can actually make the acrylic paint work like an oil? I love acrylics. I do everything in acrylics, even a canvas.

Oh now the beads look like tomatoes hahahahha. Here are some pic painted on canvas that I found when I was pulling out my wet palette etc. These are from a seminar I taught years ago. It was painting on a decorative sewing box that was specially made for this session. Normally when I teach, I paint a larger picture on canvas so everyone cah see the fine detail of what's on the smaller item. Here are some of the sides of the box. One day I will frame them and hang them in one of the rooms. Oh the credit for this lovely design is "Margaret Weiking". A folk artist designer and this design came from one of her five books. Her books are no longer available. Ok blogger is playing tricks again. I shall return.

Is anyone having problems uploading pics today? I have a feeling that I'm wasting a lot of time trying to fix my pc when all the time it must be blogger? I'll just finish this later.

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Elle said...

I like the little butterflies in the box! The beads are pretty cool!