Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ok, lets see if blogger will behave today and upload my goes...this is one of the demonstration canvases of one side of the box.

Wow it worked! and I wasted so much time thinking it was my pc. So anyway this is a continuation of yersterday's post. These are the big samples I use to paint for my students, while they painted on their sewing boxes. This is half of the cover on canvas.
Here is another side. These are such happy paintings.

The other side of the cover. I love the bright colors....

Here is the box with the little drawer open..cute eh?

This was just to entertain you while I painted beads you see? And here are some of the beads. First I base coat, then I glaze tints on and then I add fun stuff. Oh they are on skewers and I use them as mandrels as I turn them to put stuff on.

Here are some of the jewels with stuff on. I am still playing. Ok blogger is at it again, so I'll have to wait until later or tomorrow... I just tried to upload the jewels and it was a "no cigar" again. So I got myself a big piece of cadbury chocolate (an no no) about 4 plugs and ate them with relish and returned...still no cigar...oh well at least I enjoyed the chocolate, shame on me hahahhahahahaha....


Karoda said...

that is the cutest box! did you actually make the box or it comes unfinished?

Karoda said...

okay, i just read the previous post and saw that it is something specially made.

Rosy said...

Yes Karoda, Most things that decorative artist paint on are specially made for their class or the order them from the craft companies. In my time when I taught, it was so much cheaper to have a wood man locall to make these things for you. I was lucky to have several good wood men and then my brother totall took over and made all my we had a little business was such fun.