Friday, February 01, 2008

I am crazy about knitting dish cloths, wash rags, mats and back scrubbers. I just discovered this line of knitting. I'm sure it's been going on a long time, I just happened to find it while checking on knitting stuff.

You must use 100% cotton and it can be pricey unless you have a coupon for 40% off and you can get a nice 12 oz. bundle from JOAnns. They sell a Bernat brand which I know is good comes in verigated blue, pink, some natural and some dull color.

Then I discovered this place .

Naturally, I bought lots of goodies. Some they sell as kits and that comes with the pattern to knit an entire bath set. It is so neat. They have a great price and ship ground for 10.00. I must have bought about 8 pounds so it's very reasonable. I have made a dish cloth with the Bernat and it's beautiful. I will never go back to store clothes. I am going to knit all our wash rags and back scrubbers, bath mats, table mats and will post them as I finish.

Above is the verigated blue one. I used it for dishes and washed it in clorax is thick and thirsty. I got a pattern off the web and joined a yahoo group who knit a project a week. I downloaded lots of patterns as I do like a little design in the cloth. This one has an apple with leaves and stem. Cute eh?
Here is a link for lots of free patterns.
This link is the best one. She is so Generous.

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