Saturday, March 27, 2010

I had a little time this morning so I decided to work on my blog a bit. I went back to the simple template so I can put links on the side. This template is so much simpler. I will work on it some more after I get my Spiderweb quilt, quilted. I am putting it on the Gammill in a minute as soon as I get more coffee and finish blogging.

I am now thinking of more stripes and strings patterns. I love that scrappy look. You can use anything you have. I usually stick to a light and dark value theory. .

Now that I have arranged all my fabrics, in color codes and did all the drawers and know where every piece of fabric This was another inpiration from Fibermania (Melody).

Here is a pic of the book shelves in the front closet. I was able to get one on the side and two to the back. They are about 72 by 30 more or less...

Here is the back of the closet and then all the bulk stuff on the top.

And having still some inspiration left, I tackled the ceiling to floor cubboard in the middle room, this is the doll and finished rolled quilt room. I see I have a little space on that one shelf lol.. and then I did the the two dressers . It feels soooo good. I did this two weeks ago and did knitting in-between as Florida was so cold. That project was posted on my doll blog las tnight.

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