Monday, September 13, 2010

Teddy and the T-Shirt scraps.

I thought this was so cute I had to share. I am in the process of making a T-shirt quilt for someone. I started to cut the fronts out and would throw the rest of it on the floor.

My little Shih-tzu, Teddy (he is 12 1/2) was watching deligently. As soon as a scrap would fall, he would grap it and stuff it under his tummy (mine, mine). Eventually the heap got a bit big. He then proceeds to jump up and down on it, throwing them in the air and then plunks himself down on top and went to sleep lol.

He woke up when the camera clicked. He doesn't like his pic taken.

Here is a double block that I built to accomodate the size I was working on.

Here is a single bock with a little building on.

I will post after it is quilted.

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