Tuesday, April 12, 2011


EDIT: I switched out the two top photos as I made him a bigger house.

I am so enjoying the pincushion craze that has been going on, on the web. I decided to jump and try a few of my own too. Here is a little cutie that I made out of scraps. These are making me smile and I hope they make you smile as well. As long as it's an animal etc, it's always adorable....

I made this fat little bugger first after three or four trials and errors. His house seems to be a bit small for him hahahah....anyway,

I wanted a realistic face and I think I captured the turtle face pretty good. I made his shell and body as one piece and then made the cover for the shell seperate. I took a T-pin with a round loop and forced a huge plastic pearl on it and then wired some seed beads in the loop of the pin.

He is definately a snapping turtle with his mean look lol. I rouged his cheeks with crayon and outlined his mouth with a black Identi-pen, two black/green seed beads for his eyes. In this model I made a seam on the bottom and it raised his head and I like that.

I think I want his tail a big longer for the next model.

The next model: Then I decided to make another one with the shell not included with the body to see if I liked it better. I used the fabric from a little embroidered dress for the body. I then made the shell seperate.

The shell is just stuffed a bit and pinned on the turtle so far.

I adjusted this pattern for a longer tail and tried to make the beak longer. I rounded the head a bit more on this one. I still need to adjust the shell, it is still a work in progress.

I didn't put a seam down the bottom like the first one and his head is therefore lower. I like the higher head better.

Here is a pic of the mess made when trying to design your desire lol.

I made about four models and kept adjusting until I got it. I did sleep on it and as usual, I woke up with the plan. This was great fun.


susiew said...

Hey Rosy,
Your little snapper is really 'dapper'!! hehehe Great job .... I'll be watching to see what others you come up with. BTW - Doxie was here visiting a couple of weeks ago. We had a ball!

Rosy said...

I will post a red one later today Susie and I reddid the shell for Harry as he couldn't get in his small house lol....