Monday, January 01, 2007

Oh look what I found! I was rummaging in my bins and found this lovely wedding promise quilt that I had started to make about five years ago. Instead of appliquéing it, I decided to paint the hearts and then add some fru fru. I don't know what yet but I'm thinking. The hearts have lovely saying like: With this ring I thee wed, unlock love with key, etc. etc..There were nine blocks but I only did six and heaven know where the other three are. I wish I had the pattern now. I would paint the other three. I think I got rid of it lol. The fabric I used to paint the hearts on has some round swirls on it and it really adds to the block.....I used fabric paint.

Well back to rummaging to see what I can find to finish this quilt. I kinda like it now.

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