Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I have wanted to make a mariner's compass for years and could never muster up the ambition nor the courage lol. I knew it was a challenge and lots of work so it always stayed on the back burner.

Two days ago I got into the mood and started to work on the pattern, see? I knew it was work and here is the killer. The book I used is by Judy Mathieson. She is the best on this stuff. Anyway, long story short. The first book had her beautiful quilts and one could drool over them while trying to find instructions to attempt much less even think about making one of those creatures.

Therefore one bought the second book when it came out because it said better instructions, yeh right! Here is a small paragraph from the second book...(Quote) precise instruction could not be given to put the quilt together due to lack of space (Unquote)..or something to that effect. Now when one pays a good price for a book that shows the quilts that are in it, one would assume that the instruction are there too no? Brings me to more of my bitching.....I had made new rules for buying books and patterns after that experience. While I was in Paducha and was purchasing the " Jacquline De Jonge" pattern for a mere 48.00 bucks at Hancocks...I took that puppy out to check it....well the entire pattern was there in full size! and none of this "need to enlarge 40%) mucho kudos to Jacquline and none to Judy.

I understand why the pattern cost 48.00. It cost 12.00 to make a copy, it's that big. I don't like to mess up the orginal so I make a copy. Anyway enough bitching for now.

In judy's book she says that if you didn't want to make the templates and ADD THE SEAMS, BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T, PLEASE! That you could stack them and make a foundation etc. etc. etc. Well it took a day and a half to get the patterns all made on freezer paper and ready for foundation. Now I am hoping that at least her templeate were precise and I would not be cussing up a blue streak. I say this because in one part of the book she gives you drafting why couldn't that space be used for instructions for putting the quilt together and the foundation patterns or even seam allowance on the templates, I ask you? who the hell wants to draft when they want to sew? ok I said no more bitching..

Here is a quarter of the center of the compass. I made the four quarters with no mishaps.

An then, she didn't say the next step so I sewed them in halves and then together to form the circle. I assumed that I would be setting this circle into the outer circle.

I then started to work on the outside part and as I finished a section, I would lay it around the center. I made two or three mistakes. I misplaced fabric. Each spike has a light and a medium fabric and somehow I managed to put the dark in the wrong place....if you can't see then it's ok lol.

I finally finished tonight at 10.15. Her templates were not exact. I will have to make some adjustments. Anyway, the block has a 26 inch diameter and contains 96 pieces of fabric and that is just one block. The quilt has three compasses, some half and quarter I'll debate if I want to continue or just finish this one off as a 30 inch quilt hanging. I could add some borders and take it to 40.

The block looks square in this pic but it's the background of my design board that you are looking at. The block at this moment is still a circle. Dont forget to click on the pics to see a larger view. This was a lot of work and I'm a bit pleased with myself in spite of the book. Oh, I believe a third book is out, giving even more instruction...ahahahah, yeh right!! The fist time, shame on you, the second time, shame on me, the third time would really be rediculous or something to that effect.....

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arlee said...

I love it as a round and would just bind the edges as is myself!