Monday, July 16, 2007

I've started to work on my Double Wedding Ring, King quilt. I work on it off and on as there are so many arcs to make....198 of them. this quilt is all shades of blue and it is a scrap quilt, which means that the fabrics go anywhere. I just pay attention to values, light to dark. There are A and B arcs and each arc has 8 different fabrics. You have to cut strips and then from the strips you cut the pieces for the arcs. If you multiply 198 by 8 you will see how many pieces there are just in the arcs alone. Here is a pic of the paper strip that I sew the arcs on and the pile of arc pieces...and some arcs sewed together.-->

Here is a pic of the first quarter block and then two quarters sewed together to make half a block. One set of arcs start with the light fabric and the other sets starts with the dark, then there are light and dark corners pieces....when the other half is joined to this, it will be a complete's going to be beautiful....even the background is a very light blue with the tone on tone flowers on it being several shades lighter so it appears almost white.....The block goes from light to dark and when all the lights meet they will give a raised effect and create dimension and motion of circles going around and around....I will try to work more on this quilt....

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