Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Food, food, lots of food. I was in a cooking frenzie today and cooked all the food for tomorrow....

These are corn salt as in veggie and one sweet as in dessert.

And then on to a mac and cheese to die for and a scrumptious turkey breast that soaked all night in it's seasonings.

Next, we have the dressing. If you see a piece missing it's because it's just went missing hahahahah..The dressing is made with french bread, cut and baked again to toast and stuff added and let's not forget the pumpkin pie... I actually made two...I baked the whole small pie pumpkin and one of it's cousins first and then pureed and etc.

Here is our home made cranberry sauce....

Now all this food is made from scratch and here is some of the preparation. Corn cut from the husk and then chopped for the salt pie and pureed for the sweet pie....

Pumpkin etc. already baked and ready for pie making....In front is a dish of home made sausage patties. I had the pork lion ground and then add the sausage spice and then some...I think I got it a bit hot..but sooooo goood.

Well, tomorrow I will steam some broc. and aspargus and call it quits. I don't think we need any potatoes do you? lol

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