Saturday, June 07, 2008

Blog for today part 2

I was so tired after convention that I decided to paper the kitchen finally. This job has been waiting for me for two or three months now.

Finally the house is done. Then I was even more tired so the next day I decided to finish out two lines of paints by Deka. One line was for silk and the other for fabric. I was limited to just a few that I had left so off I went. I just starting tearing off 1 1/4 yard pieces to more or less, some 2 yards from a roll of fpd (fabric prepared for dying). I would wash 7 pieces and hang on the line. I don't know why I did that as I had to dampen them anyway lol. I had the one large line going and 4 smaller ones on the other side lol. I would wash, paint, hang and overpaint some. The day was hot and windy and I got a good tan. I am now overtired lol.

Here are some close ups of the painted fabrics. The silk paint on cotten came out very very nice indeed. I like. The fabric paint was also very nice. Now I have gotten rid of two lines of paint that I didn't really need and before they got too old and nothing got wasted. I have read on the web that hand painted fabric sells for about 30.00 per yard. I think I will try selling some on ebay but a bit more reasonable.

I put the whole mess out every day to bake in the sun.

I will wash them after a few day or weeks when the mood strikes. I have at least 260 yard painted so far and have a basket washed and folded. I have lot to wash. Some of the fabric is for actually framing as they have lots of texture and those won't be washed. Percy's coat is made out of some of that fabric, the soft ones that is.
These are also considered my dark line more or less. You must have darks to show light right?
I think I'll rest over the weekend and do my knitting on Lyra.

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