Thursday, June 26, 2008

I was laughing so much at 3 am when I finished this piece. I started it about 9pm and was bound and determined to finish it to see if I have really arrived at being at intermediate knitter. I think I have. I followed the instruction to a T and it worked. This is an old pattern designed by a knitting Icon to the world of knitting, "Elizabeth Zimmermann". I now own 3 of her fun stuff- to- knit books. I love old time stuff, especially if they make sense and serve a purpose. I have always admired the ingenuity and talents of the 14 to 15 century folks and of course some other centuaries. I am a history buff to say the least. Remember when the soldiers back then wore those mail armours to protect themselves? The head covering was like a cap with a point and made out out of mail. Later on the same style was used for a winter hat or a sleep cap. Liz called this particular one, "Maltese Fisherman Hat.This is a pic of it before felting.

In order to felt, you put the item in the washer in hot water and let it agitate for 6 min. checking it now and then as each type of wool felts differently...when it is felted to your satisfaction, rinse and spin dry. Oh it is in a pillow case the whole time it is washing. Then it's time to block it into shape. Notice now how all the holes are gone and the yarn has closed tightly. If you were to wear this cap in the snow. The snow or damp or rain would not penetrate....weren't the old ones smart? I mean, a sheep is alway dry true? This process can only be done with 100% wool. I had such fun doing this. This little hat is perfect for a night cap in the winter when your head gets cold. I love the little point. The flaps cover your ears and the the nap in back covers your neck...just perfect.
The cap is knitted in one piece. My kind of deal.

Isn't it cute.


sistersoftheart said...

Hey Rosy! It was great seeing you in Tampa!! Miss your crazy sense of humor - LOL!!!

The cap is too cute... love seeing what you are working on. You are my hero when it comes to getting things DONE! Are you planning a trip to cold weather tho?

ttyl - Patte

Rosy said...

Patti, I'm staying right here in the heat knitting me, email for #..

N. Maria said...

I loved knitting that hat for my 19 yo son. He has an old soul.
I used Sheepsdown. Never thought about felting it! Duh!