Monday, September 29, 2008

This is the doll I have been working on. Doll all stuffed with her pieces parts.

Then I collaged her with my painted fabrics. Doll front.

This is the back.

Ahhhhhhh, at last. 90% done. My art doll. Well , that's what I call her for now. I had some choice words while I was designing her but that is for another time lol. She is 38 inches tall and she got started with me cutting out what I thought was a head. I sewed it up and stuffed it and liked it. I sketched a pen and ink face for now. I haven't done anything else with the head. The body has consumed me lol. Her body has language, don't you know? she is saying, let dance.

Here is a close up of the body. First I made an armature and then I totally covered and stuffed her. Then I collaged her with my painted fabrics.

Close-up of the back of left arm. I did her entire body in DecoAmerican products. Fashion Beadz, Fashion Beadz Writer, Craft Twinkles, Craft Twinkles Writer. Glamour Dust.

Back of lower legs. I did beadz all around her ankles and just played with the rest.
I made patches of jewelry and had to wait 24 hours for those to dry, then I adhered them to different parts of her with glue.

Back view of her butt, it's nicer than mine lol....I continued to turn her on different sides and just did my thing...she has lot of jewelry patches.

Close of top back.

Full vies of legs back.

Right side view.

And the feet.


creativedawn said...

What a wonderful "Art" doll she has turned out very well!! You are very creative.....

Rosy said...

Thank you Pam

Kat Lees said...

Rosy your progression photos of this art doll are fantastic. I love your glitz an color use and her face is gorgeous. You a very talented gal, keep up the great works of art. Hugs, Kat Lees

Karen Mallory said...

Wow! she is beautiful! All that work has paid off! Love the entire finished doll. She has a gorgeous face!
hugs Karen