Monday, September 08, 2008

I have been having fun making and drafting dolls. Here is my latest..she is the napking doll by Judi Ward. Here she is naked. lol

She's sorta skinny, big feet and omg, the ears. Oh well I got her together and this was the first pass, no shoes yet.

I hated her head, her face and her ears, so I lopped off her head and her ears hahahahahhaaha.

I painted her face first on a piece of cotten.

I then redid her head without ears. I had made a little wig, so thank goodness I didn't have to redo hair. I made her shoes. I fused two pieces of each pattern piece together with the pelon stuff. I then sew the shoes and used a large knitting, sewing- up needle to make the holes to lace up the shoes with yarn. I made her a tote bag. Her cheeks came out fat, but that's ok. I like this model better.

Here is another view with a purple ribbon.

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