Saturday, May 30, 2009

I am so disappointed that blogger has lost over 2 1/2 years of my images and a lot of them were tutorials and I don't have the time nor the know- how to put them back.

I have started another Maggie Bessie to replace the tutorial of the last one and also because I miss the pink one that went away. This MB is enlarged to 24 inches and the pieces parts of the arms and legs are joined as one. The rest of the pattern remains the same.

I sewed up the legs, arms and the body. I stuffed them all halfway and sewed a line accross the point where they were seperate pieces. The body, I sewed a containing seam accross to keep the stuffing in. Then I mixed, modeling paste and gel medium (Liquidtex) half and half. I basecoated and waited 2 hours. I then applied five more thin coats after an hour or so of drying time. In the last coat I put some more gel medium to give me more time to blend the strokes. She is drying in the sun now....

I am using the same pattern from Bradly Justice that you can get here:

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Тётя Трот said...

great shot!

RitaBee said...

I can't believe that they lost your photo's, did they lose the post/blog too??? Are you backing up your own posts from now on???