Friday, May 28, 2010

Indian Orange Peel

Oh boy!! no wonder it took me 2 years before I got to the border for this quilt. This is the border for the Indian Orange Peel listed in my other blog here. First I had to do all the sections (paper pieced). Now I have to put them togther in four borders. I have them pinned the way I will be sewing them. What a job.

This pattern is not for the faint of heart with no time to spare lol. I will be back with more updates as I finish some more of it.....

See the finished quilt here


Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

I did one of these about 10 years ago. Probably just like you, when I had the center finished, I thought I'll just add the borders now. The borders turned out to be as much work as the center, but I had so much time invested at that point I kept going.

My color scheme was reds and blacks (including purple) By the end I was referring to it as "THE BRUISE". I stuck with it though. I was determined not to let all that work sit as a work in progress!

Rosy said...

Good for you Maryann. Tell me, did you do it your way or followed the instructions.

I took all the paper off the middle section so it wouldn't be so combersome.

I took all the paper off the borders after I ran two rows of stay stitching first on the outside.

There is no need to leave all that paper on.

franie said...