Friday, May 14, 2010

Kaleidoscope All done

I added a pink 1 1/ 2 inch border and did the quilting on the Gammill. Today, I made the label and the sleeve and attached those and did the binding in same color as the border.

This quilt really went to together nicely. I think I only had to rip twice and that is very good lol. I hope you see how pretty the color of the border and binding are.


Melody Johnson said...

O Rosy,
That turned out terrific!! What a testament to your friendship. And I am sure the family will treasure it. Just wonderful.

susiew said...

What a neat pattern. It is just beautiful and what a grand way to remember your friend.

ROSY said...

Thank you ladies. I did so enjoy making it.

franie said...

This one is excellent--a great memory quilt!