Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The quilt fits a single bed nicely but needs just a bit more to tuck the pillows.

I worked on the extention. I had some strips left over and quite a lot of odd pieces, there was a basket full of them and so, not wanting to waste, I decided on S&C (scraps and crumps.

I started working on some areas. I say areas because I dont' want blocks, I want the extention to kinda melt together as one piece.

After I had sort of a beginning on three different pieces, and a couple small ones. I started to built on them. I decide on 17 wide by 86 long, the width of the quilt. This piece will look nice on the pillow.

I feel great about using all the left over scraps. This will take a nice chunk out of my Christmas fabrics, after the backing etc, I will have to take a look and see what is left now.....I might have to do another.

These are the three area that I am going to join for the extention.

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