Monday, January 24, 2011


This is the last step for the CLCS. I quilted it yesterday and instead of binding it with a seperate binding, I left a 1 1/2 inch of batting and backing all around the quilt.

I then mitered the corners by folding the two ends at the corner, on the wrong side, together and sewed a seam down leaving a 1/4 inch for the turning under.

I then folded that exta binding to the right of the quilt and turned under 1/4 inch and proceeded to sew it down on the right side. When I got to the corners, they were already mitered, so all I had to do was turn under the 1/4 inch, I had left free.

You can't tell that the binding is a self binding unless you turn it over.

This is a total scrap quilt, using only lights and darks but one theme (Christmas fabric). I love all the effects. I see the star, boxes, baby blocks and buildings.

The strip on top is a crazy patch I add later to make the quilt longer, using all the left over scraps.

One could have make the plain blocks also striped like the rest of the quilt blocks, but one was getting sick of it and wanted to move on to something else lol, and the plain blocks look just as nice.

Since this was a custom quilt, some things had to be custom cut. Looking at the quilt, you can see that when the star is finished, you need to fill some spaces in with half diamonds and that was easy. Just cut a plain diamond in half and leave 1/4 inch seam allowance before cutting.

I found some nice Christmasy rose fabric for the back.
For the four ends, I layed the quilt corner on the cutting board, lined up the top and the side and made a paper pattern of that area and added the 1/4 seam and cut that from fabric.

I am happy to report that I have put a good 12 to 15 yard dent in my stash lol.

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