Saturday, May 07, 2011

Necklace Mania, The Wedding Cake Necklace

Ahhhhh a change of pace and something different. I am posting this quickly as I want to go bead some more. The pics are not so good as I took them at night inside but will post more later

I have the Queen of Necklace Design, here with me, Marylyn Doyle from Arizona. We went to the hugh Gem show a week ago and bought lots of beads etc. This is a necklace she made for me. The earings, I made. The beads used are, semi-precious, fancy glass, Trade beads, Venetian beads etc.

A word about Trade beads. You can google them and find more than I can tell you here.
She makes a very strong necklace and so I had a few lessons. This necklace is called the Wedding Cake Necklace, because.....on the left is a powder blue, Venetian glass bead with lots of lovely decoration. I have had this and it's brothers and sisters for over 20 years in my collection. The decoration on the bead looked like fancy frosting to us, therefore the name applied lol.

I made the necklace above. This one has a red Venetian, Meliflori heart, peppermint jasper, spottes jasper, fired glass and so on....I made all the earings.

Here are all three of them.
Here are some of the Trade beads up close. They come on ropes as they are heavy. We only put about four on a necklace.

Some more beads. Ok, back to more fun.....

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